Thursday, December 31, 2009


A Blessing of Lucid Fire and Secret Grace

May the Being of the Universe
breathe into you the light of blessing and ripeness,
the fulfillment of health and balance.

May it protect you from
distractions brittle and bent
with a sphere of lucid fire.

May it enlighten
the heart of your passion
with the contemplation of living energy.

May it uncover the
hidden strength within you,
insight gathered from the eternal now,

and May it show you its face
of secret grace and silent refuge
in a communion of deep peace.

Translated from Hebrew by A.M. Habermann from the Qumran (Dead Sea)
Community about 100 B.C.E

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


No Kap Classes till JAN 4th, also Global Shaktipat dec 31 without Skype Chat simply "tune in" where ever you are. Use the time off to practice, gather questions & Spend time with your loved ones. : ) Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Target Denial

A very powerful SILAT technique I learned from Guru Cliff Stewart really helped me out in recent times. Things could have easily spiralled out of control in a recent altercation i was faced with had I not stayed firm in "TARGET DENIAL" and simply allow the "LAW" to handle the situation. I strongly suggest we become masters of "TARGET DENIAL" on all levels. Please remember there is no "FIGHT" in silat instead simply bring safety peace & happiness to those around you and make sure you & your families are safe for the holidays. HAPPY HOLIDAYS & MANY BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL Peace & God Bless - Guru Santiago

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What is Kundalini really?

What is Kundalini really?
"More commonly known in western cultures as Holy Spirit, Kundalini is the ancient Sanskrit name for the primal life force that animates all living entities -- the evolutionary force behind all living matter. It operates unconsciously until awakened through Shaktipat Inititation. Shaktipat is a Sanskrit word for the process of activating the higher Kundalini-Shakti energy, initiating the process of spiritual growth and enlightenment and advancing personal evolution dramatically. This has also been called the "baptism by fire" and "second birth" -- a truly sacred mystical experience.

Receiving or activating the Holy Spirit/Kundalini can be a profoundly moving, life-changing experience under any circumstances.

Kundalini awakening enables one to access what is far beyond the normal human realm and its imaginings. You will undertake a journey of growth and transformation facilitated by your own Divine energies as they work tirelessly to remove roadblocks, break through personal limitations and empower you to ultimately achieve the very highest aspects of Selfhood.”

Dr. Larry Jensen PhD, DD, MBA.
Susan Carlson is forever grateful to Dr. Jensen for giving her Shaktipat years ago which started her on the path of living her divine purpose.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Engineer speaks about K.A.P. Shaktipat from Santiago Dobles, Susan Carlson

Engineer speaks about K.A.P. Shaktipat from Santiago Dobles, Susan Carlson
November 29th, 2009
“It was late night/early morning on Friday or Saturday and I was on my seat meditating when the session began. The session was incredibly intense. It felt like someone had a lava hose/flame thrower and was straight blasting my body methodically….While this is only one experience, most of my ‘breakthroughs’ in KAP have coincided with shaktipats from Santi…he gives all of us KAPers doses of chi/shakti regularly. Sometimes it is fiery in nature like my session was, but sometimes it is much more subtle.
It took a day or two for me to begin to realize just how much Santi had done for me in that session. 2 weeks later, the nature of my experiences during KAP practices began to change significantly as a direct result of this session. Also…some areas that I had struggled with mentally and emotionally just disappeared. There are things that are still unfolding as a result of this session

I had a chance to meet Susan Carlson. She’s an amazing woman. She gave a lot of shaktipat via hugs.Her energy did not feel hot to me…it was much more yin and despite its intensity, I actually had trouble at first to be sensitive enough to feel it. She gave us as many hugs as we could handle…and I got more than my fair share. One of her hugs was from behind and I could feel the energy spreading throughout my whole body…even penetrating deeply into my bones. The hugs from the front had a similar sensation of light, cool deeply penetrating energy…but there were orbits running too. These hugs were very interesting…the longer they went the more the coolness penetrated. Then a very warm vibrating sensation would start in the base of my spine and begin to rise up. The hugs always stopped before the energy in the spine raised very far. ”

Peter Adam Pittman, Engineer, VA.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009



$13179 USD = 8807 EUROS = £7951 GBP

I thank you all for your involvement, thank you for being part of a positive change for less fortunate kids everywhere. I will convert these figures to other currencies and put them up on the web very soon.

Deepest respects
Dr. Parvez Alam
B.Eng(Hons), Ph.D., ProfGradIMMM
Senior Scientist
Department of Chemical Engineering
Åbo Akademi University

Thank you for all who participated in MIAMI FL's Silat DAY for CHARITY.

And to the folks that donated after the event!

Peace & God Bless everyone,

Guru Santiago Dobles

Thursday, November 19, 2009


A recent post by Improved K.A.P. graduate Paul Densmore on the public
K.A.P. Facebook group
( ) brings up a very
good point:

Permanently awakening kundalini and evolving your personality and
consciousness does take a little effort on your part.

It is called a Process after all!:-)

But Dr. Morris, and we, his certified instructors and students, have
improved the methods and process far beyond the bumpy, paiful, scary
ride that Dr. Morris himself experienced two decades ago...

It is a fun, playful, and enjoyable practice, but it does very rapidly
take you through and beyond most of your baggage... which can be
painful if you won't let go and allow the changes to take place.

Kundalini is a biological process, with spiritual ramifications. And
as with any biological process, practice makes perfect. This is
something Dr. Morris re-iterated over and over.

It's universally true of voluntary and involuntary physical skills.

Breathing is involuntary, but any great warrior, yogi, lover, or
professional athlete will tell you you can become better at
breathing, more efficient, more relaxed, more accepting, more
powerful, through practice...

And as with external physical skills, as Dr. Morris used to say, if
you don't practice throwing the football, it doesn't go where you
want it to..."

If you don't train your body's nervous system and endocrine system to
give you the results you want, you'll get atrophy or the results of
(often damaging) unconscious habit.

The Improved K.A.P. trains your body to release and guide kundalini
energy, that river of ecstatic, electric, superconscious
energy-experience, along that one universal internal biological
pathway that leads to freedom, universal service, and bliss...

Given that description, the effort to merge with and master the
unconscious body should therfore be enjoyable...

And it is...

when children play outside, they are exercising, improving
coordination, breathing, social skills...but they would never call it

It's not drudgery, it's enjoyable... and it pays dividends - here is
Paul's statement, which you can read for yourself on Facebook:

"I owe a great deal of giri to Tao Semko, therefore I'm going to give
KAP a brief plug here. :)

If you have come to a place in your life where you feel lost or there
is something deep within you trying to urge you to undergo the
Kundalini Awakening Process then listen to your inner voice (just this
once...). :)

I can't give stronger testimonial to the process. It is not a magic
pill. You do not pay x amount & simply lie back & receive
enlightenment. There is some effort on your part, but the effort is
slight compared to the results that are gained.

Kundalini is a real force that is available for all of us to tap into.
The only thing holding us back is ourselves.

The only price that it asks is what you bring to the table.

Make no mistake, if you undergo KAP & you do the actual work - you
will be changed. But isn't that what brought you here in the first
place? :)"
--Paul Densmore, on the Kundalini Awakening Process K.A.P. public
group on Facebook

You can read the comment yourself, and make friends with Paul, Tao,
Santiago, Rob Soke, James, Susan, Andrea, Sifu Dan, Bob, and many of our
practitioners, all on Facebook:
Create an account if you don't have one... it's fast, fun, and free!

I wish you freedom, and thank you for your time and awareness,
Tao Semko of

New worldwide online classes with Santiago and Tao start Dec 2
and 6, see more here:

and the big KAP workshop in London in January is filling up
fast! Read more here:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


NOV 14 SILAT FOR CHARITY SEMINAR @ Arguello Taekwondo Center 1158 west 68 st hialeah fl 33014 10am - 6pm




- for the "Miami Silat Warriors Day - Children's Benefit Seminar"

Guru Santiago Dobles - Cimande & Serak Silat
Guru Harold Koning - Mustika Kwitang Silat
Shidoshi Mike Gaudio - Black Lotus Arts Ninpo & Silat
Guru Tony Torre - Arnis Kali Escrima
Shidoshi Felix Diaz - Bujinkan Ninjutsu, VDT Serak, Kali Escrima

Charities Benefiting: & the abandoned baby fun, for children in war conflict & children victims in Indonesia's recent Earth Quake.

Date: November 14th 2009
Time: 9 Am - 6pm
Location: TBA
Donation: $45
Contact: Guru Dobles 786-752-0052

Registration: click on "DONATE" paypal button to register and send the suggested Donation or what ever you heart tells you to Donate. You can pay with Credit Card aswell.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

REIKI techniques "Gyoshi Ho"

A Method of Healing using the Eyes
Copyright © 2006 James Deacon

In Reiki practice, one will often come across situations where, for various reasons, one cannot utilise the basic form of 'hands-on' treatment.

In some cases, such as where the client is suffering from burns, or an open wound of some sort, the need for hands-on contact can be circumvented by giving treatment with the hands held a few inches off the surface of the body (in the aura).

However, there will be situations where even the close proximity of the hands (even though not touching the client), can have potentially traumatic effects [various forms of abuse come to mind].

Especially in such cases, Gyoshi Ho can be used effectively.

Gyoshi Ho:

Become aware of the flow and radiance of the Reiki phenomenon within and around your own body.

Know that, while generally Reiki seems to flow most strongly from, and can be directed by, the hands, it also flows from, and can be directed with, the eyes - with the gaze.

Bring your visual attention to the area in need of treatment; then allow your vision to relax, to de-focus slightly.

You are not staring at the area, rather your gaze is soft and comfortable - soft and comforting.

Generate heart-felt compassion for your client.

In this state, become aware of Reiki flowing from your eyes to the area in need of treatment.

Feel the Reiki flow; see it in your mind's eye, at the same time feel compassion flowing from your heart.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

10th Century Tantric Instruction on Breathing...

Tao's Tantra Tips from
10th Century Tantric Instruction on Breathing...

"When the breath is unsteady, everything is unsteady: but when
the breath is still, all else is still. So one should control the
breath carefully. Inhale slowly and exhale likewise; neither retaining
the breath excessively nor beyond your capacity. Do not exhale
too rapidly. Inhalation gives strength and a controlled and
purified body; retention gives steadiness of mind and longevity; and
exhalation is totally purifying."
-- from The Goraksashatakam, tantric yoga text written circa 900's C.E.

Smile, breathe right, and keep your tongue up!
Tao Semko of

To learn and practice specific tantric breathing techniques, look here:

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Kundalini Rising & Shaktipat...Melting Into the Arms of God" newsletter

"Kundalini Rising & Shaktipat...Melting Into the Arms of God" newsletter follows below
Dear Friends, I just wanted to take a minute to share with you about an extraordinary meditation I experienced last night. This was a “shaktipat”, or Kundalini activation, meditation. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to be doing anything like this until October 31st, when Susan Carlson & Santiago Dobles come to Sunset Camp here in Kansas to teach their “Kundalini Activation” workshop (more on that later).

But I was on the computer late last night, sending e-mails to friends and “facebooking”, when Susan saw that I was on-line and invited me to attend a virtual-shaktipat meditation on-line via Skype. It was interesting timing, because I was just about ready to get off the computer when she flagged me and invited me to the meditation. I took it as a sign from the Universe that I was supposed to “attend”.

It was interesting that I found out about the meditation at all, because it is my understanding that this was an “impromptu” meditation organized by Susan & Santiago to help send healing energy to the moon (this was on the same day that NASA blasted the moon with a couple of unmanned craft). In fact, I wouldn’t have known about it at all had I not been on-line at just the right and perfect time, a time when I am normally NOT on the computer.

The meditation was conducted by Susan & Santiago via “chat” in skype. There were about 30 or so of us who “gathered” together virtually. It’s somewhat difficult to explain how the process works, but basically we all just sat back and relaxed, breathing deeply, and letting the Kundalini energy rise up from within and around us, while Susan & Santiago led us in a virtual meditation.

During the meditation, I felt the fiery shakti-kundalini energy rise up within me and transmute all negativity and emotional toxins. It was a very deep transformative experience. I could literally feel the energy moving in my physical body. Afterwards, I was hungry, which was quite good, since I haven’t had much of an appetite for the last 3 weeks or so.

I also dreamt extremely vivid dreams last night. I can’t remember much of the details, but I know that they were very soothing dreams, and that my angel-teacher-guides were speaking to me in them. Then, this morning I woke up feeling very peaceful and energetic. Even though I went to bed late, I was ready to get up about 2 hours earlier than normal. Today I noticed too that I felt much more light-hearted and optimistic than I have for the last few weeks.

All of this is a side-effect of the virtual “Shaktipat” or Kundalini activation I underwent last night with Susan & Santiago and the rest of the group.

If you’re not familiar with “Kundalini”, this is the primal life force that is within all of creation. It is linked with the Shakti, or Divine Feminine energies of the Universe.

It most people, Kundalini lies dormant at the base of the spine, but through various practices (including yoga), the Kundalini energy can be “awakened” and will rise up throughout the body, clearing out physical & emotional toxins, and activating the spiritual awareness.

Kundalini rising often leads to states of great *ecstasy* or *bliss*, as well as the feeling that you are at One with the Creator-Creatress. Perhaps this is why Kundalini-rising is sometimes referred to in the West as the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit”. My friend Susan (who will be delivering the Shaktipat activation at Sunset on Halloween) says that Shaktipat is one of the fastest ways for attaining spiritual evolution on this planet.

Although I’m certainly no Kundalini Master, I have had several experiences with spontaneous Kundalini awakening since I first began practicing yoga about 15 years ago. Usually I feel a great heat or warmth penetrating and emanating from my entire body, accompanied with a deep, overwhelming sense of unconditional love. Sometimes I cry, but the tears are soft and cleansing tears of joy and release. For me, Shakti-kundalini rising is like melting into the arms of the Creator.

Yoga is a more gradual way to awaken the Kundalini over a period of long time. However, I’m looking forward to meeting with Susan and Santiago at Sunset Camp on Halloween and experiencing the more accelerated Shaktipat-activation.

If you would like to join me in this experience, you’re more than welcome to come out for the Halloween “Kundalini Awakening” workshop, as I think there are still a few spaces left.

The cool thing about it is that Susan & Santiago are doing this workshop as a fundraiser for the “Build the Bathhouse” Campaign at Sunset Camp. They are coming all the way from Denver & Miami respectively on their own dime, plus donating their time & expertise, all so that we can receive the Shaktipat initiation, and so that Sunset Spiritualist Camp can raise money for the much-needed new bathhouse. Isn’t that incredibly generous?

Did I mention too that even though this same workshop usually costs hundreds of dollars to attend, Susan & Santiago & Sunset are offering this to all of us on a donation or love offering basis? Can you believe that? Well, trust me, it’s true.

In case you want to join me for this truly Divine experience, I’ve posted the details about the weekend at the end of this newsletter. I’ve also listed a link to a very informative & truly wonderful on-line radio interview that Susan & Santiago just did on the topic of “Kundalini Rising”. If you don’t know much about this phenomenon, or you just want to learn more, I think you will find listening to this recording EXTREMELY helpful…I have listened to it 2 times already.

(The radio-interview is also somewhat entertaining near the end where Santiago gets in a friendly debate with a nutritionist about the effects of diet on the Kundalini. Since I’m certainly no dietary saint, I was glad to hear Santiago say, “Your Kundalini is NOT dependent on your food intake, or your lack of food intake.” Also interesting is near the beginning of the interview where Susan & Santiago explore the parallels between Reiki & Shaktipat.)

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you’re interested in learning more about Shaktipat or Kundalini rising, or in attending the “Kundalini Awakening” workshop, then please scroll down for the links I have included for you at the end of this newsletter.

Many Blessings,

Cynthia Killion, Spiritual Guide (or just “reply” to this newsletter)

“Kundalini Awakening” WORKSHOP DETAILS…Oct. 31st 10 am to 5 pm

Taught by: Susan Carlson & Santiago Dobles

Date: Halloween, Saturday, Oct. 31st, 10 am to 5pm

Place: Sunset Camp, Wells, Kansas 2 hours north of Wichita (airport in Wichita)

Cost: Love offering…your generous donation goes to the “Build the Bathhouse” fund

Lodging & Accommodations: Simple, rustic cabins are available on the grounds, or you can stay in hotel/motel in either Minneapolis (about 20 min. away) or nearby Salina (about 30-40 min away). If staying on the grounds, you will need to bring warm bedding and a space heater, as the cabins do not have heat. Meals are provided on the grounds for the weekend, starting with dinner Friday night (see below).

Other Details: Even though the workshop doesn’t start until Saturday morning, many of us will be arriving Friday night (Oct. 30th). Weather providing, there might be a bonfire & hot dog roast this night. On Saturday night, after the workshop, there will be a “come as you were” (as in, a past-life) Halloween party at about 7 pm. Later that night (probably around 9 pm or so), I am also leading a special “Halloween Message Circle”.

To Make Reservations to Attend: E-mail or call Linda Anderson or (620) 727-4329 (620) 727-4329

Website Link for More Info:

To learn more about Shaktipat and Kundalini awakening, listen to this VERY informative & entertaining radio interview with Susan & Santiago:

You can also check out Susan’s website, the Kundalini Support Network. Susan said during the interview that the website hasn’t been updated in awhile. However, I was still able to find some good information on there about exactly what Shaktipat actually is. Here’s the link….

Bright Blessings to You!

Friday, October 9, 2009

kundalini rising on radio

Saturday, October 3, 2009



all proceeds from event are going to reputable charities that benefit children in need all around the world. This is a GLOBAL event one of its kind with Martial Arts Masters all over the Globe teaching to raise money for Children. Do not miss out on being able to help those in need and at the same time learn Marial arts from some of the best and experienced Masters in your Local Area. Come train and be part of this wonderful event!

9 Am - 6pm
Location; TBA
Donation: $45
contact: Guru Dobles 786-752-0052

Registration: click on "DONATE" paypal button to register and send the suggested Donation or what ever you heart tells you to Donate.
You can pay with Credit Card aswell.

Guru Santiago Dobles - Cimande & Serak Silat
Guru Harold Koning - Mustika Kwitang Silat
Shidoshi Mike Gaudio - Black Lotus Arts Ninpo & Silat
Guru Tony Torre - Arnis Kali Escrima
Shidoshi Felix Diaz - Bujinkan Ninjutsu, VDT Serak, Kali Escrima

Charities Benefiting: & the abandoned baby fun, for children in war conflict & children victims in Indonesia's recent Earth Quake.

Monday, September 28, 2009


(November 14th-15th 2009)

For the first time ever, martial arts events will be held simultaneously across the world to raise money for children in need. The events will be held by respected martial arts instructors. this page is dedicated to advertising the events globally for each instructor and as more events/event information unfold, this page will be updated.


contact me on

web address:

Friday, August 28, 2009



MON & WED - 8pm - 10pm Location: 8200 SW 124th Street miami,fl 33156

MON, WED & FRIDAY 11am - 1pm "SILAT" Location 12368 sw 94 terrace Miami Fl 33186

SAT - Young Tigers SILAT (10 - 15yr) - 11am - 12PM Location 12368 sw 94 terrace Miami Fl 33186

SAT - "SILAT" - 12pm - 2pm Location 12368 sw 94 terrace Miami Fl 33186

ENERGY YOGA (Tenaga Dalam, Trul Khor, Hatha Yoga, Chi Kung):

MON & WED & FRI 10AM - 11AM "ENERGY YOGA" Location 12368 sw 94 terrace Miami Fl 33186

Private Class: $50/1 hour

Single Class: $20

8 Classes $120

16 Classes $ 192

Unlimited Classes a Month $280


$30/ 1/2 Hour
$60/ 1 hour

2 Sessions (1hour Each) $100
4 Sessions (1Hour Each) $180
20 Session (1 Hour Each) $900

Classes Start Sept 2009

Call or email to Register:

Contact 786 752 0052

To register for healing session or CLASSES send in payment via to

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Silat Summer Camp aug 21- 23 Schedules

FRIDAY - 5 pm - 9pm Guru Santiago Dobles (Cimande & Sera)
Location : 12368 sw 94 terrace Miami Fl 33186

10am - 12pm Shidoshi Mike Gaudio (Ninpo & Silat)
12pm - 1pm - Guru Tony Torre (Kali Escrima)
1pm - 2pm - Guru Santiago Dobles (Cimande & Sera)
3pm - 5pm - Guru Pak Harold Koning (Mustika Kwitang Silat)
5pm - 6pm - Guru Darren Felsot (Cimande Kombinasi)

SUNDAY 9am - 4pm Location:1158 W 68 ST 33014

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Aug 21-23 Silat Camp Hurt'em & Heal'em

Details for SILAT CAMP will be posted tomorrow. best wishes & look forward to seeing every one. Location & Schedule will be posted tomorrow. INSTRUCTORS: Guru Santiago Dobles - Cimande Gerak Satria Shakti Shidoshi Mike Gaudio - Black Lotus Arts Pak Guru Harold Koning - Mustika Kwitang Pencak Silat Guru Darren Felsot- Cimande Kombinasi Guru Tony Torre - FMA Arnis Guru Tao Semko - Yogic Conditioning for Silat

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Silat Warrior Hurt' Em & Heal' Em Summer Camp 09 August 21, 22, 23 in Miami, FL

Silat Warrior Hurt' Em & Heal' Em Summer Camp 09
August 21, 22, 23 in Miami, FL

SILAT WARRIOR HURT' EM & HEAL' EM Summer Camp 09 August 21, 22, 23 in Miami FL

Cimande Gerak Satria Shakti Pukulan Kilat Sera
Devastating Pukulan Striking
Pressure Point Fighting
Weaponry (Knife, Stick, Long Blade, Sarong, Staff)
Dealing with Multiple attackers
Indonesian Tenaga Dalam (inner Power) & Hoshin Tao Chi Kung
Energy Healing & Restorative Massage
Guest Instructors:

Guru Pak Harold Koning - Mustika Kwetang Silat

Shidoshi Mike Gaudio BLACK LOTUS ARTS (Silat & Ninpo)

Guru Darren Felsot - Pencak Silat Pukulan Cimande Kombinasi

Guru Tao Semko - Internal training & Yogic Conditioning for Silat.

Friday 5pm-9pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm

Just $150 early registration

$180 at event

$80 per day

Location: TBA

Guru Dobles 786 752 0052

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Dobles Institute Newsletter: Silat Tips, Vol 1 of 34

The Dobles Institute Newsletter:
Silat Tips, Vol 1 of 34
Five Understandings, Spinal Suspension, Knuckle Draggers

Silat Tip #1:
Always look for at least 5 things you can do from any sambut position,
langkah, lock, shoulder position, ground position. My Teacher Guru
Cliff Stewart always tells me that its important to have at least 5
different understandings to each piece in your silat.

For example the 5 various usages of Langkah:
1) To understand mechanics & Strategy of take downs (Sapus, Biset,
Kenjit, Puter Kapala, Angkat, Gapet, Lempar Lengan, Tarik Kapala, etc)
2) Empty hand and weapon based target selection of DIM MAK, MARMA ADI
(pressure points.)
3) Kicks & Strikes
4) Evasion, Offensive & Defensive measures
5) Kunci (Locks), and Transfer of energy, Dissolving of energy.

Internal Tip:

Remember to always suspend the spine (Allow space between the
vertebrae from top to bottom & Bottom to Top, and fill the spaces,
vertebrae and the spine with energy) in all of your silat motions
whether you are standing, kneeling, lying on the ground.

This allows you to harness energy better and also use more spinal
power as well as maintaining more strength in your center of being.
Spinal Suspension is a secret technique from ancient Taoist Yogis.

It is common in many internal martial arts. You will find that once
you understand it it becomes difficult for your opponents to take you
down, move you, cause you pain. Also it has many many benefits to your
health. If your spine is healthy, so is your body & Brain.

Try it not only in Martial arts training but in walking and
meditation. You will be greatly surprised what it does for your over
all Chi.

Qi Gong Tip:

Dr. Morris would always tell us when doing Walking Qi Gong to become a
"Knuckle Dragger"....
Go out for 5 to 10 minute walks with a very slow pace and allow the
spine to move freely and the weight to shift side to side. Imagine
your arms and body heavy like a silver back gorrilla as you walk and
allow (in your mind) the knuckles to literally drag on the earth as
you walk. This will help loosen up chi flow in the body and also heal
the back of any injury and or discomfort.

When walking, breath a nice pace, for example: in 4 hold 1 out 4 hold
1, or more advanced in 4 out 8, and keep increasing the ins and outs
so you get to in 10 out 20. But do not force the breath retention keep
it smooth and flowing as you walk.

If you would like and you are familiar with Qi Gong Movements add some
circulation movements and or some juru motions done very very slowly
and loosly almost like a Flower Dance.

A lot of the old Taoist internal martial arts masters would actually
do their training as they would take long walks.

When you finish your walk rub the palms till they are scorching hot
and gently run the Dan tien in Circles first clockwise then Counter
Clockwise for at least 21x each direction.

This will help you store your newly accumulated Chi and also will help
your body digest the chi and release blockages with out discomfort or

The more you walk and understand how to move your body as one unit the
better your health and martial arts become.

Guru Santiago Dobles

Santiago Dobles's "Secrets the Gurus Will Never Show You":
The great internal secrets of the yogic and internal traditions -
secrets long hoarded by greedy masters and power-hungry secret
societies. Step-by-step secrets for energy cultivation, kundalini,
stilling the mind, expanding awareness and personality,
and self-realization:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Dobles Institute Summer Camp Moved to August 21, 22, 23, 2009:

PENCAK SILAT "HURT'em & HEAL'em" Summer Camp.
August 21, 22, 23, 2009

Guru Santiago Dobles - Knife & Stick + Cimande Gerak Satria Shakti
Pukulan Kilat Sera, Energy Healing & Tenaga Dalam.

Guest Instructors:
Shidoshi Mike Gaudio - Black Lotus Ninpo & Silat
Tom Furman - "Urban Silat Training & Conditioning"
Guru Tao Semko - Healing & Structural Alignment Yoga for the Warrior

More Instructors to be Announced!

3 days of NON STOP training

click here to register:

Ongoing Dobles Institute Events, starting tonight, Tuesday the 21st:

Tonight Solar Eclipse Meditation & Shaktipat with Susan Carlson &
Santiago Dobles 12am tonight to get on free Chat Meditation on
Skype:Click on link below

Guru Dobles will be teaching at Silat Cimande Camp in Michigan
*Instructors to feature: Guru Besar Jerry Jacobs, Guru Santiago
Dobles, Punong Guro Mike Blackgrave and many more! Covering the arts
of Pukulan Cimande Kombinasi, Cimande Gerak Satria Shakti, SEAMOK
Tactical Solutions and much much more... August 7, 8 & 9, 2009

Click Link below:

announced soon.

August 28, 29, 30
Dobles Institute: Universal Energy Healing Level 1 in Miami, FL

October 17, 18, 2009
Hoshinbudoryu: Hoshinfest 2009, in Newport News, VA. The 2009 annual
global training session and get-together for Hoshin Budo Ryu, the
esoteric martial art, meditation, energy-and-mind development, and
healing tradition started by Dr. Glenn J Morris and now headed by Rob
Williams, his protege. The Ryu always welcomes fans of Dr Morris as
well as general public at Hoshinfest, but membership has its


Thank you!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

KAP 1 & 2 This weekend in LOS ANGELES CA. June 27 & 28

Now is your Chance to Learn or "re Take" Kap 1 (Dr. Glenn J Morris's Foundation Chi Kung & Kundalini Awakening Meditations & Kap 2 (Advanced Nei Kung, Healing & Tantric Yoga + Dual Cultivation).

Saturday June 27
KAP 1 9am - 2pm
KAP 2 3pm - 9pm

Sunday June 28

KAP 1 9am - 2pm
KAP 2 3pm - 8pm

To register:

Contact: 786 752 0052
Couprie Martial Arts
14532 Erwin St
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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Silat Warrior Hurt' Em & Heal' Em Summer Camp 09

Silat Warrior Hurt' Em & Heal' Em Summer Camp 09
July 25, 26 in Miami, FL

SILAT WARRIOR HURT' EM & HEAL' EM Summer Camp 09 July 25, 26, in Miami FL

Cimande, Serak, Silek Tuo ground Fighting
Devastating Pukulan Striking
Pressure Point Fighting
Weaponry (Knife, Stick, Long Blade, Sarong, Staff)
Dealing with Multiple attackers
Indonesian Tenaga Dalam (inner Power) & Hoshin Tao Chi Kung
Energy Healing & Restorative Massage
Guest Instructors TBA.
Just $150 for two days

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Maha Guru Cliff Stewart Hosts…
Pentjak Silat Camp of the Masters V
 June 19,20,21 2009 Los Angeles

Maha Guru Cliff Stewart Hosts…
Pentjak Silat Camp of the Masters V
June 19,20,21 2009 Los Angeles
Couprie Martial Arts Studio, 14532 Erwin Street, Van Nuys, CA 91406
Friday June 20, 3PM - 7PM - WAR Seminar
Saturday June 21, 8AM - 8:30 AM - Camp Registration
Saturday June 22, 2007, 8:30AM - 5PM - Camp Seminars
Sunday June 22, 2007, 8:30AM - 5PM - Camp Seminars
The Instructors:
Maha Guru Cliff Stewart: LA Kilat Pukulan Pencak Silat
Dr. Ron Chapel: Sublevel Four Kenpo
Sijo Steve Muhammad: Wu Shur Shin Chuan Fa
Master Ahati "Kilindi" Iyi: African Martial Arts
Mestre Dennis Newsome: Capoeira - Angola
Antwione Alferos: Filipino Blade Fighting
Master Graciela Casillas: Filipino Knife and Stick Science
Guru Thomas Lomax: LA Kilat Pukulan Pencak Silat
Guru Freda Doyle Silat Healing & Combat Application
Grandmaster Jerry Smith 5 level method

Plus guest appearances from surprise instructors

Camp Schedule:
Friday June 19, 7:00 PM -10:00 PM: W.A.R. (Within Arms Reach) Class
Saturday June 20, 7:30 AM: Camp Registration
Saturday June 20, 8:30 - 5:30 PM: Camp Seminars
Sunday June 21, 7:30 AM: Camp Registration
Sunday June21, 8:30 - 5:30 PM: Camp Seminars

Pre-Registration Fees:
Participants: $99 - Day Camp Seminars
Discount Package: $199 - 3 Days of Camp plus W.A.R. Class

For Additional Information, Contact: 310-497-1608

Unauthorized video taping prohibited


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Maha Guru Cliff Stewart Hosts…
Pentjak Silat Camp of the Masters V 
June 19,20,21 2009 Los Angeles

Maha Guru Cliff Stewart Hosts…
Pentjak Silat Camp of the Masters V
June 19,20,21 2009 Los Angeles
Couprie Martial Arts Studio, 14532 Erwin Street, Van Nuys, CA 91406
Friday June 20, 3PM - 7PM - WAR Seminar
Saturday June 21, 8AM - 8:30 AM - Camp Registration
Saturday June 22, 2007, 8:30AM - 5PM - Camp Seminars
Sunday June 22, 2007, 8:30AM - 5PM - Camp Seminars
The Instructors:
Maha Guru Cliff Stewart: LA Kilat Pukulan Pencak Silat
Dr. Ron Chapel: Sublevel Four Kenpo
Sijo Steve Muhammad: Wu Shur Shin Chuan Fa
Master Ahati "Kilindi" Iyi: African Martial Arts
Mestre Dennis Newsome: Capoeira - Angola
Antwione Alferos: Filipino Blade Fighting
Master Graciela Casillas: Filipino Knife and Stick Science
Guru Thomas Lomax: LA Kilat Pukulan Pencak Silat
Guru Freda Doyle Silat Healing & Combat Application
Grandmaster Jerry Smith 5 level method

Plus guest appearances from surprise instructors

Camp Schedule:
Friday June 19, 7:00 PM -10:00 PM: W.A.R. (Within Arms Reach) Class
Saturday June 20, 7:30 AM: Camp Registration
Saturday June 20, 8:30 - 5:30 PM: Camp Seminars
Sunday June 21, 7:30 AM: Camp Registration
Sunday June21, 8:30 - 5:30 PM: Camp Seminars

Pre-Registration Fees:
Participants: $99 - Day Camp Seminars
Discount Package: $199 - 3 Days of Camp plus W.A.R. Class

For Additional Information, Contact: 310-497-1608

Unauthorized video taping prohibited


Monday, April 13, 2009


Classes and Workshops

Upcoming Workshops and Seminars in 2009, 2010

(Umaa Tantra, Dobles Institute, Progressive Sadhana, Hoshinbudoryu, KundaliniAwakeningProcess Workshops and Seminars)

Kundalini Awakening Process: KAP Level 1 , in Miami, FL May 16, 17

Dobles Institute: Universal Energy Healing Level 1 in Miami, FL, May 29, 30, 31

Kundalini Awakening Process/ Umaa Tantra/ Dobles Institute:
Esoteric Yoga & Energy Meditations for Self Realization & Self Empowerment, in Norfolk/ VA Beach, VA, June 12, 13, 14

Kundalini Awakening Process: KAP Level 1, in Los Angeles, CA, June 25, 26

Kundalini Awakening Process: KAP Level 2, in Los Angeles, CA, June 27, 28

Dobles Institute: Silat Warrior Hurt 'em and Heal 'em Summer Camp in Miami, FL, July 24, 25, 26

Hoshinbudoryu: Hoshinfest 2009, October 17, 18, 2009 in Newport News, VA.
The 2009 annual global training session and get-together for Hoshin Budo Ryu, the esoteric martial art, meditation, energy-and-mind development, and healing tradition started by Dr. Glenn J Morris and now headed by Rob Williams, his protege. The Ryu always welcomes fans of Dr Morris as well as general public at Hoshinfest, but membership has its privileges!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vijñânabhairava Tantra

Vijñânabhairava Tantra

Bhairava and Bhairavî, lovingly united in the same knowledge, left the undifferentiated state so their dialog may enlighten all beings.

1. Bhairava’s Shakti, Bhairavî, said:

O God, who manifests the universe and makes light of this manifestation, you are none else than my Self. I have received the teachings of the Trika which is the quintessence of all the scriptures. However, I still have some doubts.

2-4. O God, from the standpoint of absolute reality, what is the essential nature of Bhairava? Does it reside in the energy of the phonemes? In the realization of Bhairava’s essential nature? In a particular mantra? In the three Shakti? In the presence of the mantra which lives in every word? In the power of the mantra present in each particle of the universe? Does it reside in the chakras? In the sound Ha? Or is it only the Shakti?

5-6. That which is composed, is it born out of both immanent and transcendent energy, or only out of immanent energy? If it were the product of transcendent energy only, then transcendence itself would have no object. Transcendence cannot be differentiated in sounds and particles for its undivided nature cannot be expressed in the many.

7-10. O Lord, may your grace do away with my doubts!

Excellent! Your questions, O Beloved, are the essence of the Tantras. I will reveal to you a secret teaching. All that is perceived as a composed form of the sphere of Bhairava must be considered as phantasmagoria, magical illusion, a ghost city hanging in the sky. Such a description only aims to drive those who fall prey to illusion and mundane activity towards contemplation. Such teachings are meant for those who are interested in rituals and external practices and stuck in duality.

11-13. From an absolute standpoint, Bhairava is not associated with letters, nor with phonemes, nor with the three Shakti, nor with breaking through the chakras, nor with any other belief, and Shakti does not constitute his essence. All these concepts taught in the scriptures are aimed at those whose mind is still too immature to grasp the supreme reality. They are mere appetizers meant to spur aspirants toward ethical behavior and spiritual practice so that they can realize some day that the ultimate nature of Bhairava is not separate from their own Self.

14-17. Mystical ecstasy isn’t subject to dualistic thought, it is completely free from any notion of location, space or time. This truth can only be touched by experience. It can only be reached by those entirely freed from duality and ego, and firmly, fully established in the consciousness of the Self. This state of Bhairava is filled with the pure bliss of unity between tantrika and the universe. Only this state is the Shakti. In the reality of one’s own nature thus recognized, containing the entire universe, one reaches the highest sphere. Who then could be worshipped? Who then could be fulfilled by this worship? Only this condition recognized as supreme is the great Goddess.

18-19. Since there is no difference between the Shakti and the one who embodies her, nor between substance and object, the Shakti is identical to the Self. The energy of the flames is nothing but the fire. All distinction is but a prelude to the path of true knowledge.

20-21. The one who reaches the Shakti grasps the non-distinction between Shiva and Shakti and enters the door to the divine. As space is recognized when illuminated by sun rays, so Shiva is recognized through the energy of Shakti, which is the essence of the Self.

22-23. O supreme God! You who bear a trident and a garland of skulls, how to reach the absolute plenitude of the Shakti which transcends all notions, all descriptions and abolishes time and space? How to realize this non-separation from the universe? In what sense is it said that the supreme Shakti is the secret door to the state of Bhairava? Can you answer in common language these absolute questions?

24. The supreme Shakti reveals herself when inbreath and outbreath are born and die at the two extreme points, top and bottom. Thus, between two breaths, experience infinite space.

25. Between inbreath and outbreath, between stopping and going, when breath stands still at the two extreme points, inner heart and outer heart, two empty spaces will be revealed to you: Bhairava and Bhairavî.

26. With a relaxed body when exhaling and inhaling, lose your mind and perceive your heart, the energy center where the absolute essence of Bhairava flows.

27. When you have breathed in or out completely, when the breath movement stops on its own, in this universal lull, the thought of "me" disappears and the Shakti reveals herself.

28. Consider the Shakti as bright, subtler and subtler light, carried upwards through the lotus stem, from center to center, by the energy of the breath. When it subsides in the upper center, it is Bhairava's awakening.

29. The heart opens up and, from center to center, Kundalini rushes up like lightening. Then Bhairava's glory is manifested.

30. Meditate on the twelve energy centers, the twelve related letters and free yourself from materiality to reach the supreme subtlety of Shiva.

31. Focus your attention between your eyebrows, keep your mind free from any dualistic thought, let your form be filled with breath essence up to the top of your head and there, soak in radiant spatiality.

32. Imagine the five colored circles of a peacock feather to be your five senses disseminated in unlimited space and reside in the spatiality of your own heart.

33. Void, wall, whatever the object of contemplation, it is the matrix of the spatiality of your own mind.

34. Close your eyes, see the whole space as if it were absorbed in your own head, direct your gaze inward and there, see the spatiality of your true nature.

35. The inner channel is the Goddess, like a lotus stem, red inside, blue outside. It runs across your body. Meditating on its internal vacuity, you will reach divine spatiality.

36. Plug the seven openings of your head with your fingers and merge into the bindu, the infinite space between your eyebrows.

37. If you meditate in your heart, in the upper center or between your eyes, the spark which will dissolve discursive thought will ignite, like when brushing eyelids with fingers. You will then melt into supreme consciousness.

38. Enter the center of spontaneous sound which resonates on its own like the uninterrupted sound of a waterfall. Or, sticking your fingers in your ears, hear the sound of sounds and reach Brahman, the immensity.

39. O Bhairavî, sing OM, the mantra of the love union of Shiva and Shakti, slowly and consciously. Enter the sound and when it fades away, slip into freedom of being.

40. Focus on the emergence or the disappearance of a sound, then reach the ineffable plenitude of the void.

41. By being totally present to song, to music, enter spatiality with each sound which rises and dissolves into it.

42. Visualize a letter, let yourself be filled by its radiance. With open awareness, enter first the sonority of the letter, then a subtler and subtler sensation. When the letter dissolves into space, be free.

43. When you contemplate the luminous spatiality of your own body radiating in every direction, you free yourself from duality and you merge into space.

44. If you contemplate simultaneously spatiality above and at the base, then bodiless energy will carry you beyond dualistic thought.

45. Reside simultaneously in the spatiality at the base, in your heart at above your head. Thus, in the absence of dualistic thought, divine consciousness blossoms.

46. In one moment, perceive non-duality in one spot of your body, penetrate this limitless space and reach the essence freed from duality.

47. O gazelle-eyed one, let ether pervade your body, merge in the indescribable spatiality of your own mind.

48. Suppose your body to be pure radiant spatiality contained by your skin and reach the limitless.

49. O beauty! Senses disseminated in your heart space, perceive the essence of the Shakti as indescribably fine gold powder which glitters in your heart and from there pours into space. Then you will know supreme bliss.

50. When your body is pervaded with consciousness, your one-pointed mind dissolves into your heart and you penetrate reality.

51. Fix your mind in your heart when engaged in worldly activity, thus agitation will disappear and in a few days the indescribable will happen.

52. Focus on a fire, fierier and fierier, which raises from your feet and burns you entirely. When there is nothing left but ashes scattered by the wind, know the tranquillity of space which returns to space.

53. See the entire world as a blazing inferno. Then, when all has turned into ashes, enter bliss.

54. If subtler and subtler tattvas are absorbed into their own origin, the supreme Goddess will be revealed to you.

55. Reach an intangible breath focused between your eyes, then when the light appears let the Shakti come down to your heart and there, in the radiant presence, at the moment of sleep, attain the mastery of dreams and know the mystery of death itself.

56. Consider the entire universe to be dissolving in subtler and subtler forms until it merges into pure consciousness.

57. If, boundless in space, you meditate on Shiva tattva which is the quintessence of the entire universe, you will know ultimate ecstasy.

58. O Great goddess, perceive the spatiality of the universe, and become the jar which contains it.

59. Look at a bowl or a container without seeing its sides or the matter which composes it. In little time become aware of space.

60. Abide in an infinitely spacious place, devoid of trees, hills, dwellings. Let your gaze dissolve in empty space, until your mind relaxes.

61. In the empty space which separates two instants of awareness, radiant spatiality is revealed.

62. Just as you get the impulse to do something, stop. Then, being no more in the preceding impulse nor in the following one, realization blossoms intensely.

63. Contemplate over the undivided forms of your own body and those of the entire universe as being of an identical nature. Thus will your omnipresent being and your own form rest in unity and you will reach the very nature of consciousness.

64. In any activity, concentrate on the gap between inbreath and outbreath. Thus attain to bliss.

65. Feel your substance: bone, flesh and blood, saturated with cosmic essence, and know supreme bliss.

66. O gazelle-eyed beauty, consider the winds to be your own body of bliss. When you quiver, reach the luminous presence.

67. When your senses shiver and you mind becomes still, enter the energy of breath, and, when you feel pins and needles, know supreme joy.

68. When you practice a sex ritual, let thought reside in the quivering of your senses like wind in the leaves, and reach the celestial bliss of ecstatic love.

69. At the start of the union, be in the fire of the energy released by intimate sensual pleasure. Merge into the divine Shakti and keep burning in space, avoiding the ashes at the end. These delights are in truth those of the Self.

70. O goddess! The sensual pleasure of the intimate bliss of union can be reproduced at any moment by the radiant presence of the mind which remembers intensely this pleasure.

71. When you meet again with a loved one, be in this bliss totally and penetrate the luminous space.

72. At the time of euphoria and expansion caused by delicate foods and drinks, be total in this delight and, through it, taste supreme bliss.

73. Merge in the joy felt at the time of musical pleasure or pleasure from other senses. If you immerse in this joy, you reach the divine.

74. Wherever you find satisfaction, the very essence of bliss will be revealed to you if you remain in this place without mental wavering.

75. At the point of sleep, when sleep has not yet come and wakefulness vanishes, at this very point, know the supreme Goddess.

76. In summer, when your gaze dissolves in the endlessly clear sky, penetrate this light which is the essence of your own mind.

77. You will enter the spatiality of your own mind at the moment when intuition frees itself through steadiness of gaze, love's uninterrupted sucking, violent feelings, agony or death.

78. Comfortably seated, feet and hands unsupported, enter the space of ineffable fullness.

79. In a comfortable position, hands open at shoulder level, an area of radiant spatiality gradually pervades the armpits, ravishes the heart and brings about profound peace.

80. Steadily gazing without blinking at a pebble, a piece of wood, or any other ordinary object, thought loses all props and rapidly attains to Shiva/Shakti.

81. Open your mouth, place your mind in your tongue at the center of the oral cavity, exhale with the sound HA and know a peaceful presence to the world.

82. Laying flat, see your body as supportless. Let your thought dissolve into space, and then the contents of the inner core consciousness will dissolve too, and you will experience pure presence, freed from dreams.

83. O Goddess, enjoy the extremely slow movements of your body, of a mount, of a vehicle and, with peace in mind, sink into divine spirit.

84. Gaze at a very clear sky without blinking. Tensions dissolve along with your gaze and then reach the awesome steadiness of Bhairava.

85. Enter the radiant spatiality of Bhairava scattered in your own head, leave space and time, be Bhairava.

86. When you reach Bhairava by dissolving duality when awake, when this spatial presence continues into dream, and when you then cross the night of deep sleep as the very form of Bhairava, know the infinite splendor of awake consciousness.

87. During a dark and moonless night, eyes open in the dark, let your whole being melt into this obscurity and attain to the form of Bhairava.

88. Eyes closed, dissolve into darkness, then open your eyes and identify with the awesome form of Bhairava.

89. When an obstacle gets in the way of gratification through the senses, seize this instant of spatial emptiness which is the very essence of meditation.

90. With all your being, utter a word ending in "AH" and in the "H" let yourself be swept away by the gushing flow of wisdom.

91. When you focus your structure-free mind on the final sound of a letter, immensity is revealed.

92. Waking, sleeping, dreaming, consciousness free from any prop, know yourself as radiant spatial presence.

93. Pierce a place on your body and, through this one spot, attain to the radiant domain of Bhairava.

94. When through contemplation, ego, active intellect and mind are revealed as empty, any form becomes a limitless space and the very root of duality dissolves.

95. Illusion perturbs, the five sheaths obstruct vision, separations imposed by dualistic thought are artificial.

96. When you become aware of a desire, consider it the time of a snap of fingers, then suddenly let go. Then it returns to the space it just came out of.

97. Before desiring, before knowing: "Who am I, where am I?" such is the true nature of I, such is the spatial depth of reality.

98. When desire or knowledge have manifested, forget their object and focus your mind on object-less desire or knowledge as being the Self. Then you will reach deep reality.

99. Any particular knowledge is deceptive. When thirst for knowledge arises, immediately realize the spatiality of knowledge itself and be Shiva/Shakti.

100. Consciousness is everywhere, there is no differentiation. Realize this deeply and thus triumph over time.

101. In a state of extreme desire, anger, greed, confusion, pride or envy, enter your own heart and discover the underlying peace.

102. If you perceive the entire universe as phantasmagoria, an ineffable joy will arise in you.

103. O Bhairavî, do not reside in pleasure nor in pain, instead be constantly in the ineffable spatial reality which links them.

104. When you realize that you are in every thing, the attachment to body dissolves, joy and bliss arise.

105. Desire exists in you as in every thing. Realize that it also resides in objects and in all that the mind can grasp. Then, discovering the universality of desire, enter its radiant space.

106. Every living being perceives subject and object, but the tantrika resides in their union.

107. Feel the consciousness of each being as your own.

108. Free the mind of all props and attain to non-duality. Then, gazelle-eyed one, limited self becomes absolute Self.

109. Shiva is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. Since you have the attributes of Shiva, you are similar to him. Recognize the divine in yourself.

110. Waves are born of the ocean and get lost in it, flames arise and die, the sun shows up then vanishes. So does everything find its source in spatiality and returns to it.

111. Wander or dance to exhaustion in utter spontaneity. Then, suddenly, drop to the ground and in this fall be total. There absolute essence is revealed.

112. Suppose you are gradually deprived of energy and knowledge. At the moment of this dissolution, your true being will be revealed.

113. O Goddess, hear the ultimate mystical teaching: you need only fix your gaze onto space without blinking to attain to the spatiality of your own mind.

114. Stop sound perception by plugging your ears. Contracting the anus, start resonating and touch that which is not subject to space or time.

115. At the edge of a well, gaze motionless into its depths until wonder seizes you and merge into space.

116. When your mind wanders externally or internally, it is then precisely that the shaivist state manifests. Where could thought take refuge to not savor this state?

117. Spirit is in you and all around you. When all is pure spatial consciousness, attain the essence of plenitude.

118. In stupor, anxiety, extreme feelings, at the edge of a precipice, running from the battlefield, in hunger or terror, or even when you sneeze, the essence of the spatiality of your own mind can be seized.

119. When the sight of a certain place brings back memories, let your mind relive these instants; then, when memories fade away, one step further, know omnipresence.

120. Look at an object, then slowly withdraw your eyes. Then withdraw your thoughts and become the receptacle of ineffable plenitude.

121. The intuition which springs from the intensity of passionate devotion flows into space, frees you and lets you attain to the domain of Shiva/Shakti.

122. Attention focused on a single object, you penetrate any object. Relax then in the spatial plenitude of your own Self.

123. Purity praised by ignorant religious people seems impure to the tantrika. Free yourself from dualistic thought, and do not consider anything as pure or impure.

124. Understand that the spatial reality of Bhairava is present in every thing, in every being, and be this reality.

125. Happiness resides in equality between extreme feelings. Reside in your own heart and attain to plenitude.

126. Free yourself from hatred as well as from attachment. Then, knowing neither aversion nor bond, slip into the divine inside your own heart.

127. Open and sweet-hearted one, meditate on what cannot be known, what cannot be grasped. All duality being out of reach, where could consciousness settle to escape from ecstasy?

128. Contemplate empty space, attain to non-perception, non-distinction, the elusive, beyond being and not-being: reach non-space.

129. When thought is drawn to an object, utilize this energy. Go beyond the object, and there, fix your thought on this empty and luminous space.

130. Bhairava is one with your radiant consciousness; singing the name of Bhairava, one becomes Shiva.

131. When you state: "I exist", "I think this or that", "such thing belongs to me", touch that which is unfounded and beyond such statements, know the limitless and find peace.

132. "Eternal, omnipotent, supportless, Goddess of the whole manifested world..." Be that one and attain to Shiva/Shakti.

133. What you call universe is an illusion, a magical appearance. To be happy, consider it as such.

134. Without dualistic thought, what could limit consciousness?

135. In reality, bond and liberation exist only for those who are terrified by the world and ignore their fundamental nature: the universe is reflected in the mind like the sun on the waters.

136. At the moment where your attention awakens through sensory organs, enter the spatiality of your own heart.

137. When knower and known are one and the same, the Self shines brightly.

138. O beloved, when mind, intellect, energy and limited self vanish, then appears the wonderful Bhairava.

139. O Goddess, I just taught you one hundred and twelve dhâranâ. One who knows them escapes from dualistic thought and attains to perfect knowledge.

140. One who realizes one single of these dhâranâ becomes Bhairava himself. His word gets enacted and he obtains the power to transmit the Shakti at will.

141-144. O Goddess, the being who masters one single of these practices frees himself from old age and death, he acquires supernormal powers, all yogini and yogin cherish him and he presides over their secret meetings. Liberated in the very middle of activity and reality, he is free.

The Goddess said:

O Lord, let us follow this wonderful reality which is the nature of the supreme Shakti! Who then is worshipped? Who is the worshipper? Who enters contemplation? Who is contemplated? Who gives the oblation and who receives it? What gets sacrificed and to whom?

O gazelle-eyed one, all these practices are those of the external path. They fit gross aspirations.

145. Only the contemplation of the highest reality is the practice of the tantrika. What resonates spontaneously in oneself is the mystical formula.

146. A stable and character-less mind, there is true contemplation. Colorful visualizations of divinities are nothing but artifice.

147. Worship does not consist in offerings but in the realization that the heart is supreme consciousness, free from dualistic thought. In perfect ardor, Shiva/Shakti dissolve in the Self.

148. If one penetrates one single of the yoga described here, one will know a plenitude spreading from day to day to reach the highest perfection.

149. When one casts into the fire of supreme reality the five elements, the senses and their objects, the dualistic mind and even vacuity, then there is true offering to the Gods.

150-151. O supreme Goddess, here the sacrifice is nothing else than spiritual satisfaction characterized by bliss. The real pilgrimage, O Pârvati, is the absorption in the Shakti which destroys all stains and protects all beings. How could there be another kind of worship and who would be worshipped?

152. The essence of the Self is universal. It is autonomy, bliss and consciousness. Absorption in this essence is the ritual bath.

153. Offerings, devotee, supreme Shakti are but one. This is supreme devotion.

154. Breath comes out, breath comes in, sinuous in itself. Perfectly tuned to the breath, Kundalini, the Great Goddess, rises up. Transcendent and immanent, she is the highest place of pilgrimage.

155. Thus, deeply established in the rite of the great bliss, fully present to the rise of divine energy, thanks to the Goddess, the yogin will attain to supreme Bhairava.

155 a - 156. Air is exhaled with the sound SA and inhaled with the sound HAM. Then reciting of the mantra HAMSA is continuous. Breath is the mantra, repeated twenty-one thousand times, day and night. It is the mantra of the supreme Goddess.

157-160. O Goddess! I just gave you the ultimate, unsurpassed mystical teachings. Let them only be taught to generous beings, to those who revere the Masters' lineage, to the intuitive minds freed from cognitive wavering and doubt and to those who will practice them. For without practice, transmission gets diluted, and those who had the wonderful opportunity to receive these teachings return to suffering and illusion even though they have held an eternal treasure in their hands.

O God, I have now grasped the heart of the teachings and the quintessence of tantra. This life will have to be left behind, but why renounce the heart of the Shakti? As space is recognized when lit by sunrays, so is Shiva recognized through the energy of Shakti which is the essence of the Self.

Then, Shiva and Shakti, glowing in bliss, merged again in the undifferentiated.

© Albin Michel, 1998

from "Tantra Yoga, le Vijñänabhaïrava tantra"

Translated and commented by Daniel Odier

Translated from the french version of Daniel Odier by Jeanric Meller

DR. GLENN J MORRIS Memorial Meditation

Dear Friends,

This April 1st marks the 3rd anniversary of the passing of Dr. Glenn
Morris from his physical body into pure consciousness and energy.

+++++++++++++++++12am April 1st+++++++++++++++++




Please tune in that whole day for the good Juice : )! Energy will run
for 24 hours April 1st in memory of the late Grandmaster.

Peace, Smile & God Bless
Santiago Dobles,
Program Director, Certified KAP Instructor

"Keep going. Keep playing. Meditate on this."
--Dr. Glenn J. Morris, PhD., ScD.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Is Kundalini Negative or a SCARY experience?

Kundalini is only negative when you are not
1) rooted emotional mentally physically & Spiritually
2) Do not do anything to remove blockages or smooth flow of energy.
3) eat a shitty diet
4) Consume Drugs, Smoke or Drink heavily.
5) Do not do Secret Smile.

KAP as it is today is a SMOOTH ride with a lot of good vibes & Bliss. You will get there before you even realize. And the transition will be smooth. That is the plan.

Some may have a day or too of transition and some have a few weeks to transition.

For me I spent years with Just Kundalini hitting crown Chakra and also escaping out through crown chakra.

1st time I was 18 I was doing meditation with Mozart Music CMASS Requiem. I felt a blast of energy go up spine and I began to cry for no reason uncontrollably. After this anytime I meditated this would continue.

on another occasion I was doing some Tantric Kriyas and An energy shot up spine like a lightningbolt it was Gold in color it hit the crown i heard a "pop" as body convulsed and the whole body turned Gold in my 3rd eye. I fell back wards hit my head and kept convulsing. that was scary I couldn't move for a bit. It was as if the energy took over 100% and i lost all body functions.

On other occasions I would find myself in Lotus pose and then when I "Awoke" i was on the floor on my side with body SOLID STIFF. Strange stuff.

I was having a lot of sambija samadhi. I would fall into states of bliss and ecstasy that would last 24 hours or more but then I would crash and burn, It was much like a "Junkie". I didn't get why and my tantric teacher never explained what was going on. I spent a few years like this. Fits of crying out of pure bliss, body convulsing like seizures etc. Strange heats & Colds etc. Then I met Glenn he showed me to smooth it out expand, increase it, circulate it etc and to merge with the Void in a smooth way.

It was easy after this to do things like Phowa and actualy eject the conciousness from crown or any center at will. It felt like i was a "pellet" travelling at speeds that seemed faster than Light. I would end up in Pure consciousness as a light and then dissolve. It happened a few times and yes I WAS SCARED AS HELL : ). Wasnt sure what I was doing to my self. I had experiences where "My Heart" seed could travel at will out through crown and explore the Universe etc. Glen called it the "Happy Hunting Ground" or "the New Real estate".

At one point meditating with Glenn in the same room I had something that had never happened before. Energy rose from all 3 channels and circulated into on ring or "Wheel" and again the "Pop" occured high up in crown as Glenn's voice said to me "Keep" going past it all. Things went from Rainbow Color to Bright White/Gold to then pure BLACK. I saw a "Gopala" leading me into a ring of light into the Pure Black so I followed and then completely melted into this. Felt as if everything was a liquid petroleum and no matter if eyes where open or closed that is all I saw and experienced for days. Everything was THIS. Its hard to put in to words but i felt as if I "Died" or "merged" with the Void.

I Spent almost 2 weeks in a complete Bliss and Nirbija Samadhi.

I felt like whether dead or A Live I was in complete Bliss. This was sometime in 2001 or 2002.

After a few weeks the "BLACK" when to another "Stage" of Pure WHITE Liquid and then "GOLD" and then Merged again into Void.

Now a days I am in that STATE almost 24/7 . Its just always on. I am usually in meditation no matter what I am doing. Energy is always there even if my body feels "tired" and usually it charges up quick. I can still be in that state regardless of ejaculation control. Even though I control my semen naturally and or pull in the jing even if I let it out. (So I believe that is a MYTH. So did Glenn. Hoarding your SEMEN just makes you more extreme Yang). As some of you noticed in LA i hardly sleep. : ) energy is always ON.

My Body will "Vibrate now" and usually energy flows anywhere I will it and there is usually a lot of heat or kinetic energy. if you feel my spine or energy you will sense waves going from bottom (Feet) to top (Head above a few feet) and also from head back down on the other side a downward flow. AS ABOVE SO BELOW.
And there is always a Glow in the Aura.

When you root you are able to be very HERE and still be very Connected with "Self".

I asked Glenn who had gone through that fully like that . He said only he had & Rob Williams & I. A week Later Tao Semko had the same experience. I know James Alexander also went through this.

Since then Some of my students and some of Tao's & Rob's & Glenn's have gone through this type of experience aswell and they have gone through it even smoother and faster. Truth is there is NO RUSH. JUST BE.

So what Next?

I believe when you go through this you must then learn to BE FULLY HERE & PRESENT & INTEGRATE.

After that I felt it was time to "Teach" and "Share" and serve the EARTH, & ENERGY/ & CREATOR of all ENERGY and MANIFESTATION. Some call it TAO, GOD, ALLAH, SHAKTI, SHIVA. it is beyond NAME. And NAMES are just one frequency or "ATTRIBUTE".

After I went through this I Spent years Both Expanding out as far as possible UP DOWN LEFT & RIGHT and then also going deep with in as far deep as possible.

MACRO/MICRO consciousness.
You never stop. There is always something for you to learn. I believe there are "Degrees" to awakening. And its like MARTIAL ARTS or any ART YOU NEVER STOP. You just keep growing as the Universe Grows. You just follow the ultimate "truth".

Peace & I hope this helps We are all on this path regardless of "WAY" or "Religion"

I had many experiences with Kundalini since I was 16. I am now 32 and it doesn't stop it just is : )
Dr. Glenn Morris was a CATALYST for me and he really helped me "Get it" together and also understand how to integrate.

I am forever grateful to him & to Shakti/GOD.
Peace &
God Bless


Santiago Dobles

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Silat Warrior Hurt'em & Heal'em Day Workshop 3/7/09

Silat Warrior Hurt'em & Heal'em Day Workshop 3/7/09

Dobles Institute: Pencak Silat Warrior Hurt'em & Heal'em Day Workshop

MARCH, 7 2009
10am - 4pm
Guru Santiago Dobles presents:

Pencak Silat Comande Gerak Satria Shakti (Cimande Silat & Sera(k)).

Pukulan, Sambuts, Langkah, Jurus, Tenaga Dalam & Conditioning
Sumatran Ground fighting for the street.
Dealing with Multiple Attackers
Cimande Massage Healing & Hoshin Tao Chi Kung Healing methods.

Special Guest Instructors:
Shidoshi Mike Gaudio - Ninpo, Bujinkan, Pencak Silat

Tom Furman - Modern Look at Knife (Pencak Silat, Floro method)
Space is Limited!

Please RSVP if you are attending -- send a message to

$35 for Cimande Gerak Satria Shakti Students & students:

$45 for non members:

$50 at the door - so register early and save!

visit link to register via PAYPAL

Contact for location:
Guru Santiago Dobles

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Saturday February 28th, 2009 "The Fear That Binds You / Kundalini Awakening Process"

Register for Special Workshop SW001:
Saturday February 28th, 2009

in Boca Raton, FL, USA
"The Fear That Binds You / Kundalini Awakening Process"

Special Workshop Session SW001,
Saturday February 28th, 2009 in Boca Raton, FL, USA
Instructors: Tom Furman / Santiago Dobles

Sat. FEBRUARY 28th
1pm - 3pm
"The Fear That Binds You"
by Tom Furman,

Author of two top-selling conditioning DVDs:
"Concrete Conflict & Conditioning" and "Activate Your Dynamic Range of Motion".

Tom will demonstrate and teach Russian & Indonesian Joint Mobility Training for health & removing fixations.

Tom has rehabilitated many top athletes with injuries. He can help you recover from injuries, stiffness, dissolving scar tissue and pain in your joints. Many injuries do not require surgery. Find out how. For more information about Tom, go to:

- PLUS -

3pm - 5pm
"Kundalini Awakening Process"
by Guru Santiago Dobles,

Pencak Silat Self Defense Kilat Sera Guru, 5th Dan Hoshin Jutaijutsu, Certified Tantra Yoga Instructor, Director & Cofounder of Umaa Tantra, Hoshin Tao Chi Kung & K.A.P Instructor, Kundalini Awakening Process Instructor & Certified Reiki Master

Santiago will teach Chi Kung, Yoga and Kundalini done the right way.
For more info about Santiago, go to:

You will not want to miss this informative, life-changing event.

Both Tom and Santiago are masters in their fields of specialty.
Special Introductory Price for this 4-hour double-header is:
$39/advance payment and $49 at door. (a $129 value)
Hurry...only 20 students maximum allowed.

Workshop location:
Forever Young Society
5999 N. Federal Highway, Boca Raton, FL 33487
(561) 988-8876

More Information about the event:

Friday, February 13, 2009


I highly recommend my brother & colleague in the Internal arts Sifu Dan Ferrera.

He is the author of a great Shaolin Qi Gong Book :

His healing skills, and teaching skills and ability to use Chi for Martial, Health & spiritual application are VERY HIGH LEVEL.
Do yourself a favor and go see him if you are in his area. Or Contact him through his site for his products.

Anyone with a chronic disease who wants to receive Chi healing treatments can call #248-478-1088 or email Dan Ferrera at

Here is a list of just some of the things he teaches:

Niikura Ki Breathing This is a unique and completely original method of energy cultivation developed by Ki Master Sensei Katsumi Niikura. The method is highly effective in its ability to improve health, develop sensitivity or energy awareness and gives the practitioner the ability to manipulate internal and external Ki very quickly. If you are interested in healing others, this is one of the best methods to learn. It combines physical movements similar to some systems of yoga and martial arts with breath and intent. The breathing method is completely unique to his method and uses the teeth to enhance the Ki. Please note that Ki is the Japanese word for Chi. The Ki Breathing Method is an incredibly powerful practice that instantly brings large amounts of Ki into your body. This type of high-powered breathing technique is important because it has enough power to break through deep emotional, physical, and energetic blockages.

BloodWashing (Xue Sui Jing Qigong) This method creates a continuous circuit or flow pattern of Chi throughout the body that follows the path of its natural flow pattern according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. It helps to enhance chi flow, improves overall circulation and strengthens the body’s network of nerves through physical and energetic stimulation. This practice is very invigorating and has many levels as you advance in your skill.

Dynamic Moving Forms (Primordial Qigong & Stirring The Waters Qigong) Both of these Qigong forms use very simple yet powerful sets of movement to tap into the energy of the four cardinal directions (East, West, South, North) and combines them with the universal energy for cultivating internal Chi. They are the most powerful Qigong forms I've found. Both are wonderful Qigong methods for those who are developing their Chi, but feel as though they need something more. Both methods are easy to learn and take only 15-minutes to perform. As you advance and become comfortable performing the form, you are taught to use colors and emotions to dramatically enhance the practice.

Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Chan Standing Qigong (Zhang Zhuang) Standing Qigong is about four thousand years old, and is used for everything from building internal strength for martial arts to self-healing, lowering blood pressure, increasing respiration and alertness, reducing stress and pain, and improving health and energy overall. The result is a high level of internal motion within the body that drives your Chi to move through its energy channels as the blood surges through your veins and arteries. Eventually you expand beyond your normal limits of endurance to a highly energized state of alert tranquility. This particular standing Qigong has a long history of effectiveness. It is believed that the sage Bodhidharma taught this practice also known as One Finger Zen to the Shaolin monks several thousand years ago. Unique among thousands of other Qigong forms, One Finger Zen promotes healing and inner strength through stillness while also manipulating the fingers and/or toes. The form is considered exceptional in that it can bring the seriously ill back to health and has even saved many near death. It can be practiced standing, sitting or even lying down, but the effectiveness of the method weakens based on these choices. Sitting is considered to be 10 times stronger than lying down and standing is considered to be 10 times stronger than sitting.

Dynamic Stands (Eternal Spring Qigong) This Qigong is a synergistic blend of Bodhidharma’s Bone Marrow Cleanse Qigong and Master Chunyi Lin’s Spring Forest Qigong. Both methods are known to promote self-healing and develop chi through gentle easy to learn arm movements while holding a fixed leg posture or stand. The method is easy to learn and becomes quite pleasurable as your awareness of chi develops. It combines the health and endurance benefits of Standing Qigong (Zhang Zhuang) with that of moving Qigong systems. It is 50% stationary and 50% dynamic.

Eight Elemental Stake Qigong This Qigong uses standing Qigong, color visualizations, healing chants and is a basic relaxation and self-healing method utilizing simple postures, Eight Directions and special sounds to transform negative emotional energy into positive vitality. This practice typically results in improved digestion, reduced internal stress, reduced insomnia and headaches, and greater vitality as the flow of Chi increases throughout the different internal organs in the body.

Martial Qigong Sets (YiJin Ching & Himm Kong) Both methods are designed to dramatically strengthen the tendon and ligament system in the body while accumulating Chi. The Himm Kong or “Power Exercises” practice also involves color visualizations and breath sounds to further refine and project the accumulated Chi.

Tai Chi Ruler Qigong This practice is a very rare system of Taoist Yoga, or Chi Kung utilizing a specially designed wooden dowel or "ruler" that was derived from the shape of the ancient Chinese sword handle. The Tai Chi Ruler is an exercise done in continuous repetition with deep, slow breathing with the ruler held between the palms on the Lao Gong point. Each exercise coordinates breath, mental and visual concentration with a basic tai chi physical pattern that shifts the body’s weight between both legs. The method is based entirely on natural principles, Tai Chi Ruler imparts both holistic fitness and integral strength training and is a complete system of Taoist style Yoga - just as Hatha, Kundalini, Raja are complete yoga systems - that integrates mind and body to purify the human spirit. Tai Chi Ruler practice imparts holistic fitness, integral strength, and substantial Chi accumulation and circulation into a single practice and is an excellent foundation for Tai Chi Chuan, Bahuazhang, Xing Yi Chuan, or any martial art, meditation or health & fitness practice." The Tai Chi Ruler aligns, stimulates and empowers the 7 major energy reservoirs, Chakras or “dan tiens”, and energy pathways or meridians of the body.

Seated Meditations (Dan Tiens, Kan & Li or Kundalini, Orbit Practice, Void, Healing, etc.) The majority of these meditation type Qigongs are for spiritual development known as enlightenment or awakening. Some are for self-healing or the distant healing of others. However, the majority of these seated Qigong methods that I have been exposed to are primarily to either prepare you for the awakening the dormant spiritual energy at the base of the spine known as Kundalini energy or to actually begin the process of activating it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Received from one of my Silat Brothers, Guru Eddie Quin his "THE APPROACH" Silat DVDS and intro to Silat Fitrah. Well what can I say? Simple Awesome. Eddie comes from a strong line of Silat going back to Guru Tua Chris Parker & Bapak HJ Idris B Alimuda from Malaysia.

Guru Eddie does a great job of teaching you the stripped down "TRUTH" in movements needed in real combat & Pencak Silat. What will really work in real CONFLICT is actually very simple things that one must master. Guru Eddie shows you exactly what is needed. The "APPROACH" is the keys behind most SILAT at its essence. Its beyond technique but its clear that Guru Eddie has real technical, skill and proficiency.

Please do yourself a favor and get Guru Eddie's DVDS.


Guru Santiago Dobles

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Silat Warrior Hurt’em & Heal’em Day Workshop 3/7/09

Silat Warrior Hurt'em & Heal'em Day Workshop 3/7/09
Pencak Silat Warrior Hurt'em & Heal'em Day Workshop

MARCH, 7 2009

• Cimande Silat & Sera(k) Silat.
• Pukulan, Sambuts, Langkah, Jurus, Tenaga Dalam & Conditioning
• Weaponry
• Sumatran Ground fighting for the street.
• Dealing with Multiple Attackers
• Cimande Massage Healing & Hoshin Tao Chi Kung Healing methods.
• Special Guest Instructors:

Shidoshi Mike Gaudio - Ninpo,Bujinkan, Pencak Silat
Tom Furman - Modern Look at Knife (Pencak Silat, Floro method)

Space is Limited!

Please RSVP if you are attending send a message to


$35 for Cimande Gerak Satria Shakti Students & students.
$45 for non members
$50 at the door
10am – 4pm

Contact for location:
Guru Santiago Dobles