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Miami Silat Kuntao Group New Schedule For Silat Kuntao Serak, Harimau, Strength Training & Indonesian Chi Kung & Tai Chi

Indonesian Pentjak Silat & Kuntao
Indonesian Self Defense & Wellness Classes 

Makao Kuntao Serak de Thouars &

Machan Hitam Harimau Minangkabau de Bordes - Hanafi

Weaponry & Empty Hand Close Quarter Combat Training
Internal & External Strength Training & Conditioning

Indonesian Tai Chi Chi Kung
Tenaga Dalam (Energy Yoga), Chi Kung (Qi Gong Moving & Stillness Meditation)

Strength Training 
Power lifting Barbell Training Strength & Conditioning

Silat/Kuntao Schedule:
Tuesday: 8pm - 10pm
Thursday: 8pm - 10pm
Saturday: 8am - 10am
Sunday: 8am - 10am

Indonesian Tai Chi/Chi Kung:
by Appointment $25 Per Session.

Strength Training
by Appointment $25 Per Session with Strength Coach Dr. Patrick Jacobs

Silat Class Tuition:
$20/ per Class
$100 Unlimited classes per month
$40/half hour Private Class
$70/1 hour Private Class

Guru Santiago Dobles
sdobles @
(remove spaces & Email me to start your training. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Maha Guru Richard Crabbe de Bordes's Machan Hitam Harimau Minangkabau Intensive training Camp. Miami Fl April 13 - 14 - 15 2018

Multiple attackers counter solution conference Spring 2018

Maha Guru Richard Crabbe de Bordes's Machan Hitam (Black Tiger) Harimau Minangkabau Intensive training Camp.  Miami Fl April 13 - 14 - 15 2018  

  • Multiple Attacker Counter Solution Tacticts
  • Kuda Kuda (Combative Stances)
  • Langkah (Footwork)
  • Buah (Combative application)
  • Harimau Explosive Groundfighting & Upright Fighting tactics
  • Blades & Weaponry training
  • Strategic Mindset & Combative Science


$60 per day
$180 All 3 days

 *Direct Students of Machan Hitam lineage
$50 Per day
$150 All 3 days.


Friday Night: 7 - 10pm
14232 sw 117 terrace Miami Fl 33186 

Saturday - Sunday 10:30 am - 3:30pm 

Magnan Martial Arts
14291 SW 120th St #105, Miami, FL 33186

Hotels & Lodging:


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A brief intro and History to Serak de Thouars & Pak Willem's Serak

The Art of Serak is a very scientific and practical fighting system that has evolved out of the desire to survive and protect.  It has always been a family system shared with only a select few.  The founder of the system Pak Serak was a man with certain physical limitations.  A clubbed foot and a atrophied arm on the opposite side of his body.  He was a Horse trader that often traveled the silk road all the way from Indonesia to the Middle East and Back. Pak Serak was from Cirebon in Indonesia  and he was of Arabic, Chinese & Indonesian decent.    Some speculate he was a student of Cimande Master Embah Kair.  Others say he was a colleague of his.  In his travels Pak Serak encountered many martial practitioners.  He spent time studying the methods originating from the Island of Macao, which is why in the system of Serak you see similar expressions and sciences as found in Tai Ji, Xing Yi, Pakua.  It is believed that He studied the science of combat known as Kuntao before Kuntao was split in to various subdivisions of one larger internal system.  Tai Ji, Xing Yi, Pakua was once one art. Serak is a snap shot  of those 3 internal systems as one.  The art as well has aspects of Javanese Cimande (which historically came from southern Shaolin Fist, 7 Star Praying Mantis, & Pakua), Harimau Minangkabau (Sumatran Silat which goes back to old Tai Chi & Shaolin Lohan Postures for combat & Health).  The Animals with in the system of Serak are the Monkey (Monyet) , Tiger (Machan), Snake (Ular) , Eagle (Garuda), Water Buffalo, & Golden Spider .  The art itself originally had a very simple Langkah Pantjar (Web) platform which was a diagram of the human body on the floor (Platform) it consisted of a square, a cross, and a triangle.   Pak Serak  taught several students  who in turn taught their own students who  including taught  the Devries & the de Thouars Family.  Pak Serak was teaching sometime in the late 1800’s.   Below are the names of his accomplished students. 
Pak Arjorno
Pak Adjyo
Mas Mustafa
Mas Roen
Mas Djut
Pak Edgar Vandengroen
The Devries Family & the De Thouars Family once they were taught the system of Serak they began to use the system in everyday life.  Some of the Uncles used it in World War I such as Uncle Eddy. Others used in conflicts in Indonesia during Dutch occupation.  Others used it in WWII.  The de Thouars family & Devries family through their extensive combative background stemming back to the Gauls versus the Romans and later on the  Knights of Templars and even military men during the times of  Napoleon influenced the art of Serak with their knowledge of Fencing, Bare Knuckle Boxing and European Combative Strategies.  So Serak is very different than the current Sera found in Indonesia. Because of this alchemy of Spanish & Dutch Fencing Platforms, Dutch Bare-knuckle Boxing , Kuntao Internal Martial Arts Indonesian Native Fighting arts you have a very scientific approach to the original MMA known as  Serak.  It is a  very scientific form of training to develop a very straight to the point combative expression to destroy a system and to shut down any attacker no matter the size.
There are a few main goals in Serak.
1)      Take the Consciousness of the Opponent through attacking anatomical regions and physical weaknesses. 
2)      Off Balance the Opponent rendering them unable to fight back or to counter. Shutting them down as soon as possible and with the most efficiency.  
3)      Do both of these simultaneously.  By  hitting and manipulating the balance 3 dimension-ally at all times with every part of the Body a weapon. 
The main areas of study are 
Djurus - Hand Forms
Langkah - Foot work and Platforms 
Sambut - 2 man combative sets & drills
Spontaneous flow & returning to Natural movement - Kembangan
Power generation through Internal & External training.  Strength training, Tenaga Dalam & Chi Kung.

Healing through the use of Internal Cultivation & pressure points.  
Because of Pak Serak’s Physical limitations he had to discover a more efficient way to move with superior position, timing, and structure and rooting.   As this method was passed on the Devries and De Thouars Family they enhanced the system to the modern era of combative understanding.  The Langkah became more subdivided geometrically and understood more as a Web of a Spider.  So in any given moment the attacker is caught in a trap and is webbed in to a position where they cannot fight back because of being shut down immediately.   Serak is known for its devastating take downs,  Body leverage  balance manipulation, Advanced Angulation and use of lines,  positioning and Timing, and aggressive striking to Vital areas known as Pukulan.  Despite what many have claimed Uncle Willem de Thouars has been training the art of Serak since he was a small child directly under the eyes  and guidance of his Uncles.  He began Serak training before his older brothers even started training.  He was the 1st to learn and is now the last to train the longest out of his entire family.  His 70 + years of training Serak, Cimande, Kuntao & Internal cultivation have given him a better understanding of how the genius of Pak Serak interpreted his art.  Bapak Willem de Thouars is a living treasure in the world of Martial Arts and of his family’s heritage of Pukulan Pentjak Silat Serak.   Many have deviated from Serak and are interpreting teachers approaches but few are really showing how it is that Pak Serak interpreted his art.  When you see a serak practitioner moving ask your self is that how Pak Serak would move?  Could it be done by any one at any age with or with out disability? How is it that an elderly person could use Serak against anyone of any size or strength?  What is it about Serak that allows one to have the upper hand in combat? It is not done through brute strength, external means only and through speed alone. It is achieved through internal training, timing, positioning, structure, and feeling natural movement. So a Serak player must go back to the founder's way  to truly understand the art and to give the founder proper Adat & Hormat.
Hormat to Pak Serak, Bapak Willem de Thouars, the de Thouars Family & to all elders of Serak. 

 Terima Kasi
Guru Santiago Dobles

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Uncle Willem de Thouars Serak Symposium Miami Fl June 29, 30 , & July 1 2018

Uncle Willem de Thouars 

Serak Symposium Miami Fl June 29, 30 July 1 2018

Weaponry training - Sticks, Blades, Machete

Pukulan Serak de Thouars  Pak Serak Style

Kuntao Silat

Internal Kuntao Chi Kung Training for Combat, Wellness & Health

$60 per day
$180 All 3 days

 *Direct Students of Uncle Willem de Thouars, Guru Santiago Dobles,  Sifu Chad Bailey,  Guru Chuck Statham:

$50 Per day
$150 All 3 days.


Friday Night: 7 - 10pm
14232 sw 117 terrace Miami Fl 33186 

Saturday - Sunday 10:30 am - 3:30pm 

Magnan Martial Arts
14291 SW 120th St #105, Miami, FL 33186

Hotels & Lodging:

Monday, February 5, 2018

Silat Related events 2018

Upcoming Silat related Events: 

  • Maha Guru Richard Crabbe de Bordes April 13 - 14 - 15 Miami Fl

  • Oom Willem de Thouars Miami Serak Camp June 1, 2, 3 2018

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October 13, 14, 15 2017 Maha Guru Richard Crabbe - De Bordes Miami Florida Intenisve Macan Hitam Pencak Silat Harimau Minangkabau Training

Maha Guru Richard Crabbe de Bordes's 8th annual Intensive Harimau Silat Workshop. 

October 13, 14, 15 2017 Miami Florida Intensive Macan Hitam Pencak Silat Harimau Minangkabau Sumatran Silat Workshop with Maha Guru Richard Crabbe de Bordes. Maha Guru will be covering the tactics of harimau for rapid dominance in close quarter combat both standing & on the Ground. Also he will be going further in the use of weapons in Harimau Minangkabau. Students will also have the opportunity to do their ranking evaluations with Maha Guru. Evaluations is the best way to discover what needs improvement and what direction your Harimau is taking.

You will be learning true combative uses of Kuda Kuda (Posture). You will also be learning Langkah (footwork) for Combative Dominance both standing and on the ground. You will also learn the Devastating Striking science to shock your opponent. And no Silat is complete without the blade. You will cover close quarter Blade work. This event will take your Silat to the next level in your journey.

* Bring training blades, Training Sticks
* Bring water to hydrate.


Friday 7 - 10pm

Saturday 10:30am - 2:30pm

Sunday 10:30am - 2:30pm


Friday Night 7pm - 10pm

14232 sw 117 Terrace Miami Fl 33186

Saturday10:30 am - 2:30 pm 
14291 SW 120th Street. Suite 105. Miami, Florida 33186
Magnan Martial Arts School of Self-Defense

Sunday 10:30am - 2:30pm
14291 SW 120th Street. Suite 105. Miami, Florida 33186
Magnan Martial Arts School of Self-Defense

Members $50/day $150 all 3 days

***Rank Evaluation Training: $50

Private Class Session $50

Click to Contact Guru Santiago Dobles to register & for more information

or call or txt:


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Sifu Dwight D Woods my former JKD instructor has written an article on Silat: Is Silat Practical? My 2 cents.

Sifu Dwight D Woods my former JKD instructor has written an article on Silat: Is Silat Practical?
My respect/Hormat to Sifu Dwight Woods for exposing me at 19 to Pentjak Silat through JKD & Guru Dan Inosanto also my respects to Sifu Dwight for his article answering if Silat is Practical. If it was not for Guru Dan Inosanto I would have never known about Serak or Harimau. Sifu Dwight actually made it possible for me to meet Uncle Willem de Thouars for the 1st time many years ago. I fell in love with Silat from day 1 of being introduced to it. It is very dear to my heart and it makes sense to my Body Mind & Spirit. It is not for everyone and not for the faint of heart. It requires dedication, sacrifice, and effort. So here is my 2 cents on whether it is Practical:
I have trained directly silat Serak & Harimau with most of the people Sifu Dwight mentioned in his article and have received the rank of Guru from several of the masters he mentioned and even the title of Maha Guru from my Martial Father "Bapak" Oom Willem de Thouars however i dont use the titles cause in my opinion I am a humble student of Silat for life. I am just Santi in the day to day and Only called "Guru" once i am teaching on the training floor. I have almost 2 decades now studying Pentjak Silat and I'm only scratching its surface. In my opinion Silat is one of the most practical and lethal arts available to the true seeker of Martial Arts. It is not a sport and its priority is survival by any means necessary. It historically has been used in conflicts during Majapahit empire, Sirivijaya empire, during Portuguese, British, Dutch colonization, Muslim occupation, Japanese occupation. WWI, WWII, Korean War and abroad in many military and executive protection scenarios globally.
In our Serak & Harimau lineages we have actual folks that developed their skills in actual times of conflict.
The de Vries & de Thouars elders in the family used it in WWI, WWII, Korean War, Indonesian Dutch and Japanese conflicts, insurgency in Indonesia. Uncle Willem de Thouars is still alive and the eldest of the family trained in Serak. He can still tell you the actual family history and how Serak has been used in many real world situations, including Japanese concentration camps. The Hanafi family has used it in Sumatra during Dutch conflicts and against Japanese conflicts, in Cuba during the revolution and its strategy has been used in the United Nations. Their family history has the art being used in tribal conflict going back to the 1400's in Sumatra. Gm Crabbe De-Bordes has used the art protecting Government officials, Kings, Tribal elders, and Presidents in Ghana and has used it to deal with conflicts in Africa such as Sierra Leone. Guru Clifford Stewart has used it numerous times as a body guard to many in Hollywood & middle east diplomats. We have body-guarded several entertainment celebrities in Miami and have had to use Silat for their safety. The real silat has nothing to do with fancy outfits and esoteric mumbo jumbo. It is also not commercialized. It deals in true survival protection of life and jungle warfare strategy. It is adapted to all environments and all ranges of combat and all aspects of protection/survival. I have seen members of Marines, Navy, Air force, Army, Police, US Air Marshall, Coast Guards, EMT come take private classes with us many times. Is it practical? Very. In fact it can be deadly and unforgiving. Oom Paul de Thouars had a saying when it came to serak "Hospital or Morgue? Be careful". I remember once asking Oom Willem de Thouars years ago when i was just turning 20, where do you find real silat his response was "Either in jungles, warfare or in prison. " Although i respect the JKD approach of absorb what is useful and explore or "Cross Train" all arts, that has its time and place but to know silat you really have to study it deeply. The words Pentjak Silat really mean to "To Fight with the skill achieved in Martial ways". And its roots go back to Nomadic Native Chinese Kuntao "Pong Ja Te, Si La te", Native Malay, Indonesian fighting "Ulin", "Silek", "Kilat", it has been influenced by also Mongolian Fighting arts, Vedic Martial arts, Arabic Blade work and Archery, and later influenced by Spanish & Dutch Fencing and Bare Knuckle Boxing. The word Silat is really the skills achieved through years of practice and study in the art of Combat. Silat is Synonymous with Kuntao "The way of the Fist".
Some styles are more influenced by the original native traditions of combat others have evolved through conflict to adapt to what simply works to survive at all costs.
In my humble opinion you can not know Silat/Kuntao or begin to even comment on it with out actually immersing yourself in it fully 100%. A lot is kept out of the public eye on purpose and not everything you see on YouTube is actually revealing in some cases it is misleading. Real Silat/Kuntao is deceptive and inconspicuous. So either you dive into the deep end of Silat/Kuntao or at least get your feet wet to find out for yourself if it is practical or if it has any value. But sitting on the sideline will not do anything for you. You have to train it and you have to find a real Silat/Kuntao Teacher. Silat/Kuntao is to close quarter combat what Sun Light, Air and Water are to Nature: Necessary for Survival and Longevity with out it you die struggling. The older you get the more practical your Silat/Kuntao become to deal with surviving and aging youthfully. How many 80 year olds do you know that can still move like animals? All you have to do is look at Uncle Willem de Thouars at 80+ years still moving better than most half his age in the Martial arts World and is still deadly. There are others too that are aging well with their Silat for example Pa Harold Koning Ph.D. is still deadly in his 70s. If your Martial art is limited by the fact that at a certain age you have to stop training then maybe its not the best nor very practical. The older the whine gets the better it gets. The older the tree the stronger its trunk and roots are. Silat follows nature and these principles. It is practical for all ages, all sizes, all ranges of combat and all aspects of combat. It made a handicapped man known as "Pak Serak" extremely dangerous on the Silk Road. If you want to find out about Pentjak Silat my garage and training floor are always open to those curious about actual real Silat. We are the only school in South Florida that is 100% Real Silat all the time and not just dabbling in the art. Who is showing up to class to find out if Silat is practical? Is knowledge of applying Physics, Angulation, Leverage, Force = Mass x Acceleration, Speed, Power, Timing, Positioning, Pushing, Pulling, Coiling, Compressing, Decompressing, Moving, Dissolving, Fortifying, practical in combat? Is learning how to turn on the reptilian brain and the central nervous system practical for combat & survival? Those are all the essences SILAT.  And remember Silat is a Bladed Art.
Hormat (Respect),
Guru Santiago Dobles
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