Thursday, December 31, 2009


A Blessing of Lucid Fire and Secret Grace

May the Being of the Universe
breathe into you the light of blessing and ripeness,
the fulfillment of health and balance.

May it protect you from
distractions brittle and bent
with a sphere of lucid fire.

May it enlighten
the heart of your passion
with the contemplation of living energy.

May it uncover the
hidden strength within you,
insight gathered from the eternal now,

and May it show you its face
of secret grace and silent refuge
in a communion of deep peace.

Translated from Hebrew by A.M. Habermann from the Qumran (Dead Sea)
Community about 100 B.C.E

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


No Kap Classes till JAN 4th, also Global Shaktipat dec 31 without Skype Chat simply "tune in" where ever you are. Use the time off to practice, gather questions & Spend time with your loved ones. : ) Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Target Denial

A very powerful SILAT technique I learned from Guru Cliff Stewart really helped me out in recent times. Things could have easily spiralled out of control in a recent altercation i was faced with had I not stayed firm in "TARGET DENIAL" and simply allow the "LAW" to handle the situation. I strongly suggest we become masters of "TARGET DENIAL" on all levels. Please remember there is no "FIGHT" in silat instead simply bring safety peace & happiness to those around you and make sure you & your families are safe for the holidays. HAPPY HOLIDAYS & MANY BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL Peace & God Bless - Guru Santiago

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What is Kundalini really?

What is Kundalini really?
"More commonly known in western cultures as Holy Spirit, Kundalini is the ancient Sanskrit name for the primal life force that animates all living entities -- the evolutionary force behind all living matter. It operates unconsciously until awakened through Shaktipat Inititation. Shaktipat is a Sanskrit word for the process of activating the higher Kundalini-Shakti energy, initiating the process of spiritual growth and enlightenment and advancing personal evolution dramatically. This has also been called the "baptism by fire" and "second birth" -- a truly sacred mystical experience.

Receiving or activating the Holy Spirit/Kundalini can be a profoundly moving, life-changing experience under any circumstances.

Kundalini awakening enables one to access what is far beyond the normal human realm and its imaginings. You will undertake a journey of growth and transformation facilitated by your own Divine energies as they work tirelessly to remove roadblocks, break through personal limitations and empower you to ultimately achieve the very highest aspects of Selfhood.”

Dr. Larry Jensen PhD, DD, MBA.
Susan Carlson is forever grateful to Dr. Jensen for giving her Shaktipat years ago which started her on the path of living her divine purpose.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Engineer speaks about K.A.P. Shaktipat from Santiago Dobles, Susan Carlson

Engineer speaks about K.A.P. Shaktipat from Santiago Dobles, Susan Carlson
November 29th, 2009
“It was late night/early morning on Friday or Saturday and I was on my seat meditating when the session began. The session was incredibly intense. It felt like someone had a lava hose/flame thrower and was straight blasting my body methodically….While this is only one experience, most of my ‘breakthroughs’ in KAP have coincided with shaktipats from Santi…he gives all of us KAPers doses of chi/shakti regularly. Sometimes it is fiery in nature like my session was, but sometimes it is much more subtle.
It took a day or two for me to begin to realize just how much Santi had done for me in that session. 2 weeks later, the nature of my experiences during KAP practices began to change significantly as a direct result of this session. Also…some areas that I had struggled with mentally and emotionally just disappeared. There are things that are still unfolding as a result of this session

I had a chance to meet Susan Carlson. She’s an amazing woman. She gave a lot of shaktipat via hugs.Her energy did not feel hot to me…it was much more yin and despite its intensity, I actually had trouble at first to be sensitive enough to feel it. She gave us as many hugs as we could handle…and I got more than my fair share. One of her hugs was from behind and I could feel the energy spreading throughout my whole body…even penetrating deeply into my bones. The hugs from the front had a similar sensation of light, cool deeply penetrating energy…but there were orbits running too. These hugs were very interesting…the longer they went the more the coolness penetrated. Then a very warm vibrating sensation would start in the base of my spine and begin to rise up. The hugs always stopped before the energy in the spine raised very far. ”

Peter Adam Pittman, Engineer, VA.