Monday, February 18, 2013

Maha Guru Gm De-Bordes will be here March 22 - 24 2013 miami fl

*****Maha Guru Gm De-Bordes will be in Miami Fl March 22 - 24 for his 3rd annual Lumpat Harimau Minankabau Pencak Silat Seminar Intensive training!

 Schedule is as follows: * testing will be friday night 7-10pm & Saturday Morning 10am - 1pm , Then the Public Seminar is Saturday 2pm - 8pm, Sunday 10am 5pm 
*testing fee $50 (For those testing)
* Members & Students Seminar rate $140 for Saturday & Sunday
*Non Members $150 for Saturday & Sunday
*$75 per day

Maha Guru  will be covering devastating close quarter fighting concepts from the Harimau Minangkabau.  You will learn Devastating Elbows "Puramdara" & short range kicking tactics from "Harimau HItam" ! This will be an event to not miss, so you make sure you will attend especially if you are serious about taking your Silat to the next level! Beginners are welcomed & Any one from other martial systems are welcomed.  If you are an instructor and you would like to attend get in touch with me for a group rate for you & your students to attend this training event!

Please send me a private message if you are planning to attend so I can reserve your spot. Space is Limited.  or send me an email

Location will be announced soon with further details.