Thursday, April 21, 2011

Silat teachers

There are 2 types of Silat teachers out there today....

1) the ones that sell you the fish....

2) the ones that teach you how to fish for yourself....

which one do you want to learn from?

Why is it that in most Commercial MA schools offer "Silat" but its only after you have been in there for 3 or 4 years that you are allowed to learn it?

How come they "dangle" the Silat carrot in front of you and tease you with a few silat moves but do not let you in unless you have gotten in to their phases 3 or 4 or their "Black Belt clubs"? Then once you are in the "elite" they teach you techniques upon techniques but you never are taught the real keys to the art nor the principles that would allow you to really 1) make it work. 2) Develop fast. Truth is SILAT is not technique based....

So what is it they DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW?

Or what is it that they don't know themselves?

I have heard this before lets see if you too have heard this......

"well you need JKD" 1st to learn how to move kick & Punch.... Really??? We dont have Pukulan & Kicks? We dont have striking? Footwork? Attack /Evasive/ and defensive Strategies???

"Well you need Muay Thai".....Really? We dont have shin kicks? Knees? Elbows??

"well you need FMA/KALI"...Really? So wait we dont have Sharp blades? Sticks, Flexible Weapons?

"Well you need to learn how to grapple and fight in the ground".....Really? We dont have locks, breaks, ground fighting?

"only learn the throws in Silat" Really? So how will you pull those off with out a real background in Silat?

The next one is "Well you need mixed martial arts....

My answer is Do and learn exactly everything that is NOT ALLOWED IN MIXED MARTIAL ARTS and you will become lethal and feared very quickly....

Why wait to do Silat? Just start it from the word go if you truly want to study it.

Now I am not saying ONLY study silat. There are many Great Martial arts out there. And you should expose yourself to all of them to see what works BEST FOR YOU as an individual. But I am however saying if you are going to study SILAT, do it right and immerse yourself in it and become it.

Peace & God Bless

Guru Santiago

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pencak Silat CGSS

To talk about it wont "get you there" to watch it wont "get you there" you have to do it........So stop talking about it stop watching it on youtube and stop trying to learn it off pirated DVDs.... and just start training Silat with people who live it breath it and do it daily.........

If you are serious, you will come train Wed 8pm & Saturdays 12pm...

The door & the floor is open to all.
  • Cimande (known for its hard hitting, breaking and devistating flow)
  • Sera (known for its effective use of leverage, and devistating take downs)
  • Minangkabau Harimau (Fierce Sumatran Tiger style fighting particularly ferocious ground fighting)
  • Senjata (weapons: Knife, Machete, Stick, Staff, Cane, Rope, Sarong, Kerambit, & Improvised weapons)
  • Tenaga Dalam & traditional training for Health, Longevity, Strength & Rejuvination

For locations & training info Contact:

Guru Santiago Dobles

Sunday, April 10, 2011





Cost $20 per class

Private Training $60 / hour

contact Guru Santiago 786-752-0052 email for more details & location.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More Silat info about training with CGSS group

Ideas & Rant : )

  • I have been asked to teach silat in Dojos and in schools and even asked if i can "go" to students to teach them. And if i can train a small group in their homes etc.

Well let me put to you this way.

I dont do silat for the $. I do however see it like this. If i render you a service and share a knowledge that is priceless, then you can pay the bare minimum i ask for. Or if you can not afford then you can afford to make a donation you can afford. Or if you really can not pay for class then you can certainly barter services or help out with some form of service etc (Karma Yoga). There is one thing i can not stand is when people have my time and I share them a knowledge that is truly priceless and then they just walk away and forget to pay the Guru. Its not about the money folks its about the exchange of energy. Either you exchange energy or your do it in the form of money or a service you exchange. But it is a "Instant Karma" that should be taken care of. Too many times i have seen it with my own guru teachers and even with my self that people take advantage of us. No we are not interested in commercializing Silat but do take care of those that take care of you and teach you to take care of your self & your family.
You will feel instantly better about yourself and what you are doing when you have paid for it. You will then value it and you will also respect that which you are learning.

  • "Can you come teach me I live to far. I live 20 miles away....."

I have traveled the entire USA from coast to coast and to Europe many times to learn Pencak Silat. You can drive 20 miles or less.......

I have slept in peoples kitchens, floors, couches on a yoga mat to learn silat cause i had no money for hotels. But I still traveled the thousands of miles, I still paid my Gurus and I still did my training even if i ended up in the red on my bank accounts or if I had to starve. I dont encourage you spend your last dollar. But you want to value what you do and learn.

If you want me to train you you either come see me or you pay for a seminar. I am not expensive to host but believe me you will get more than what you ever paid for.

  • "What if I ........"?
Asking questions is ok and encouraged however asking questions to try to suit your ego or to test the waters are not encouraged cause you will get hurt.

If you ask a stupid question you will get an answer that you will feel and never forget. Silat has been around before MMA before sport, before most martial arts. You are taking about a 5000 + year old history of jungle warfare and a time tested and battle tested Art. Empty your cup learn and see & feel for yourself. If after 6 months you find there is a "what if" then you might be able to ask the question truthfully. But i guarantee that is not going to happen. You must first learn the alphabet of the art to be able to make sentences and paragraphs and statements. But before then you have to realize you have to learn the "Silat" language of its natural movements 1st. There are no short cuts you just have to train. Also if you come hard with an energy to hurt you will get hurt. Be respectful to your training partners. Understand that if we went 100% no one would come train anymore and you probably would be unfit to work in the real world and you probably would accrue a hospital bill.

How about this???

What if i did not hold back on my kicks to your knees?
What if i did not hold back on the tarik Kapala and slammed your head on concrete?
What if I did not hold back and tear your balls or eyes out?
What if I did not hold back on the Elbow Breaks or knees, or spine breaking throws???

So yeah my encouragement would be instead of "what if"? How about "LETS TRAIN" : )

  • "I just want to learn the take downs in silat i do not want to do the traditional movements on my own"......
Well.....You want to know the langkahs, the traditional postures "Kudas", the Jurus Jurus, the flow of movement (Buah, Kembangan),the natural movement & Flow occuring by your spirit manifesting in your own body at any given moment in time "Gerak" (Yes your spirit is the one guiding you and protecting you 1st), the flow of subtle energy, the polarity and subtle biology of the human body, Pressure points and nerve & organ locations, You want to know how to use the 5 elements in movement for combat and health and for strategy. The conditioning that occurs over time from Silat is not one you get from being in "cross Fit" or a gym or "working out". Yes that is all good for you but its not Silat. The conditioning in Silat is occuring in every aspect of your training. It is built in to your traditional movements, breath and use of your body and muscles & fascia. Thousands of years ago before there where "styles", "jurus" and " Kudas" Man was inspired by being in a total trance state in communion with the Creator/ Source of Universe and forces of nature moving them. All the arts "came out" of this.
The movements of the Jurus and langkahs, and the postures of the Kudas and kembangan contain all the "secrets". They are your best training partners. Most of the time you are alone. You must learn to develop a way to train by yourself. You will be able to train in groups in classes but that is just a few times a week. The rest of the time you are on your own. So learn to train on your own. Your mind is a powerful tool and you must develop it using your silat. The traditional movements will show your body how to move and how to use your energy, breath and muscles efficiently and how to generate power. These things are the biggest secret and it is what allows the old masters to do what they do well past their 60s,70s, and 80s....The cardio in silat is very different from thatof running, swimming, or doing cross fit. Yes its good excercise is good. But Do the actual training in Silat to get better at silat. Skipping this is making a huge mistake if you want to get good at Silat.
  • Why dont you have a fighting stance?
You must strive to learn to fight standing, kneeling, seated, and laying down, and on all positions on the floor. A tiger never stays in one place. The planets are always moving. The universe is always in motion.

We have no fighting stance yet every posture in life is a Silat Fighting position.

See you in class soon. And More to come soon .

I want to personally thank my teachers with out them I would not be able to do what I do:

Maha Guru Richard Crabbe de Bordes, Sheik Pak Muhammad Zaenal Arifin, Guru Simon Das, Maha Guru Cliff Stewart.

Peace & God Bless & Success in your training and what ever Silat path your are on.

Guru Santiago Dobles