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Guru Ismail Sujadi in Miami Feb 3, 4 - 5 2012

Intensive Silat Training!

Guru Ismail will be teaching authentic Indonesian Pencak Silat for the 1st time ever in South Florida! This is an event you will want to do everything posible to attend. Guru Specializes in Javanese/ Sunda Silat & Harimau. Start putting money aside for this event.

  • Jurus Sarung
  • Jurus Sera
  • Jurus Sarung Cililing
  • Langkah Harimau Sunda
  • Langkah Silat
  • Kerambit
  • Internal Silat Breathing Practices & More
Location: 11353 sw 133rd pl miami fl 33186
contact: sdobles@gmail.com for more information & Hotel Information.
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2 Days Silat training Seminar

1 Day Silat training Seminar

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

D.I. Silat Tip 19: Training striking power, speed, & energy transfer

D.I. Silat Tip 19: Training striking power, speed, & energy transfer

The Dobles Institute News, January 31, 2008:

Silat Tip 19: Training striking power, speed, & energy transfer

Internal Martial Arts Training

For power behind your strikes:

Regular Push ups

Hand Stand Push ups

Hand Stand Shrugs

Knuckle Push Ups with elbows close to your body and activate Lat
muscles (Thank Sifu Fong for these)

Finger Tip Push Ups

Hindu Push Ups

Do as many as you can of each in one session of Push Ups. Remember
that when training QUALITY is Better than QUANTITY. Make sure you are
breathing properly and Go easy at first till you build up about 20 to
30 reps of any one of these push ups in one session.

For real Gorilla Strength do the Indonesian Yoga/TENAGA DALAM method
of Push up:

1. Start at the Top of a any Push Up & Hold the position with
Isometric Contraction. Breath into your belly for a count of 5, Hold
and tighten for a count of 5 and then exhale for a count of 5 and
squeeze all your muscles tightly. Start with that and then later I
will teach you a more advanced method of breathing. If you want to get
better and have more breath control add a second more to each
breathing ratio pattern, For example 7- 7-7. 10 - 10- 10 , 15-15-15

2. Do the same thing but this time move down an inch or 2 closer to
the floor.

3. Repeat till you are almost nose and chest close to the Earth.

You start at the top and work the negative of a push up till you go
all the way almost flat to the earth. Make sure your whole body is
being held in Isometric Contraction.

Believe me this is a killer exercise that takes less than 5 minutes
and will give you GORILLA STRENGTH in no time.

To Cultivate Speed, whip and Sting behind a punch:

Hang a piece of paper from a door frame and hit it. Try your best to
rip or cut the paper in half with one strike. Its not as easy as it
seems it takes a lot of RELAXATION. Exhale on your strike. Try to tear
the paper with just one finger strike then maybe with 2 fingers then
try with your entire hand and then with the fist. Believe me this is
not an easy task but its worth the training. If you can whip a strike
with the force to cut a paper in half imagine what that could do to
someone's groin, liver, spleen, eyes, ST9 point, or any major artery
etc. As fast as your hand goes out to to strike make sure you retract
it even faster.

To Cultivate transfer of energy in a strike:

Method 1:

Light a Candle and try to extinguish the flame by punching it or by
whipping your hands at it. Start at close range distance and then
attempt it further away each time till you extinguish it from far
away. (Thank Dr. Morris for this one)

Method 2:

Fill a bowl with water and dip your hands into it. once the hands are
wet take one hand out and try to either punch or whip your hands dry
and allow the water to fly off your hands or splash of your hands
(Splashing Hands Gung Fu). Try to get the drops of water to go far
away from your strike. The further away the more momentum energy and
chi you are driving in each strike. THE KEY IS TO BE VERY RELAXED.

Easy place to practice this daily and to not make a mess is in the
shower against shower curtain try to move the curtain by just
splashing the water off your hand as you strike (the HAND MOVES THE

You do not need to do it for hours just do like 5 strikes with each
hand and move on.

When you hit you want to hit like a whip.

Also you want to think that each time you hit you are striking a match
and creating a burn sensation on your opponents body.

Think that he or she just got hit by lightning! KILAT = Lightning.

You do not need to hit a heavy bag or a focus mitt to hit hard like a
Gorilla. When have you seen an Gorilla, Bear, or Tiger hit focus mitts
in nature? Meanwhile I can assure you they could tear the face off of
any Heavyweight MMA fighter in a heart beat! When you hit a Bag or a
focus mitt you have a tendency to stop at the impact and not go
through the strike. Most people do not train past the point of impact.
This is actually damaging to your body cause it forces your shoulders
to absorb most of the shock. What you want is the force to go through
your opponent. When you hit paper or the air your mind has no limit
nor fear of impact. So when you go back to hitting someone you will go
through your target. In Indonesia silat masters work on cracking opem
Coconuts with a single strike. This kind of training is developed from
their INTERNAL training not from hitting a focus mitt.

Guru Santiago Dobles