Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

REIKI ENERGY HEALING Attunements & Training

REIKI is a wonderful and simple non invasive hands on healing modality that anyone can practice once receiving attunements.

If you would like to train Universal Reiki Levels 1,2,3 with me privately via SKYPE you can schedule classes with me via Email. Each Level is $99 that includes attunement & 3 sessions of Instruction Via Skype.

I am offering Reiki Attunements for Levels 1 , 2, & 3 every Thursday night @10pm.

To recieve long distance attunement for any Reiki level:

Please send a donation via to and also a note stating which level you want attunement for.

You will want to get the following book and use it as your manual for reiki 1,2,&3

You can also find great resources here:

Peace & God Bless
-Santiago Dobles

Monday, September 6, 2010

Silat Tip 27: Striking Tips

The Dobles Institute News -- Silat Tip 27: Striking Tips

Striking Tips:

Use continuous hitting.

Strike with the thumb, fist, knuckles pr extended knuckle, palm,
spear, elbow, knee, foot, shoulder, head.

If you hit a soft area use the fist.

If you hit a hard area use the palm.

If striking with a stick hit bone or joints.

If striking with a blade hit soft tissue near arteries, nerves and
pressure points.

Knife: Thrust slash, slash thrust, fillet, dig in, press, index

Stick: Poke, Hit, Smash, Smear, Press, Dig in, index, double hand grip
press and compress.

If you attack low follow it up by attacking high.

If you attack high follow it up by attacking low.

If you attack inside the leg, follow with hit outside the head.

if you attack outside the leg follow with hit to opposite side of

Hit pressure points, internal organs, eyes, groin, throat, nose
arteries etc.

If the elbow hits the hand follows.

If the hand hits the elbow follows.

Your hits should sting and burn your opponent. Your palm slaps should
leave red marks and burn like hell.

when you strike also rub and burn, smear, smash, etc "light a match".

Your fists should bruise the attacker & knock him out.

In order to knock people out you need to learn where to hit. Come to
class for that or go see Guru Cliff Stewart.

For delivering explosive power and "sting" (Fajing in chinese internal
martial arts)

Tighten up your muscles and tendons at the point of impact and then
relax. Imagine it like turning on a light switch and then turning it

Exhale on impact with a " fast blowing out from the nose" or a "SHHHH"
sound with abs contract at the point of impact and then relax.

Your hits should be like the crack of a whip. Hit and then retract it
as fast as you can. The hip should retract a bit before the hit in the
opposite direction of the striking target and then the hip moves
towards the target with your hitting hand and then as you have hit you
then retract the hip and strike back towards opposite direction. Guru
Plinck has this done like no other. Think of it like generating
explosive power from the hips (Fajing in chinese). It can be seen as
applying a bit of GELEK to generate force and power. Or thinking of
the hips as the handle of a whip and your fist as the tip of the whip
that cracks.

Another form of Fajing is done by stomping with the foot as you hit to
create a surge of energy coming from earth to the fist hitting the
target. This is common in some forms of kuntau, Bagua, Chen Tai Chi,
Xing Yi, Sera, Cimande, It is similar to a "PAM" in Ed parker & Ron
chapels Kenpo.

Another form of explosive power is to jump slightly off the ground
each time you deliver a blow or an elbow. This is common in MONYET
(Monkey) & Macan (Tiger) silat styles.

Try to develop 1 inch and no inch power research wing chun punch and
Bruce Lee's 1inch punch.

Also a good strike to learn is to hit with your whole body behind the
strike. This can be seen in a good delivery of a sangsut (Upper cut),
Tai chi, Ninpo. This is down by stepping into the punch and allowing
the core to move together with the blow at the target. Its a "HEAVY"

I hope this helps and gets you thinking a bit more about how you can
deliver the most devastating blow and also the most explosive blow
possible. Remember if you know where to hit and how to hit, all you
need is one blow.

Healing Tip:

Be careful with your training partners if by mistake you hit your
friends to hard as you train, ease back on the "juice".

Also if you hurt them Sit them down cross legged with their palms on
their belly and spine straight. Rub your palms till they get hot as
you do deep belly breathing while the tongue is against the upper

Place the hot palms on the area where you hit them or hurt them and
gently slap the area, rub it in circles till warm with some positive
mental intention & affection (loving kindness, compassionate warmth or
think of the color of JADE GREEN, think "May you heal" etc). Feel your
warmth transferring to that person and healing the affected area.

Then rub your palms again and get them hot and massage their GB20's on
both side in an upwards motions 7 to 15 xs gently so think of it like
squeezing a toothpaste tube upwards gently. This will restore energy
flow in their meridians and body.

Guru Cliff has knocked me out before and in seconds restored my
functions so I was back to normal. I could only imagine how scary it
would be to get knocked o ut and not have one around you to restore
your flow. YIKES!

These techniques work GREAT. USE THEM.

From time to time I would like to hear from you and know how you are
doing in your training. Let me know if the silat tips are helping you
get better.

Please email me and send me your testimonials.
Guru Santiago Dobles