Monday, December 29, 2008

UK Cimande Silat Training Pt. 3

So we continue with my story about my journey to meet my Silat Guru & friends in UK. : ) We continue with me staying at Jose's wonderful Hotel.

The next 2 days where spent hanging with Jose sharing with him Gerak Satria Shakti & Serak. He shared with me his Cimande & his experiences in Malaysia & Indonesia. I loved the stories about Pak Mang Didi. Jose took me to dinner at a Malaysian student center. Food was AWESOME!!!!!! As I went in to restaurant a big Malaysian man with a long goatee grabs my hand and looks me in the eyes and says "Silat"? and then gave me a grinning smile. As if he knew : ) me and my silat. VERY COOL....It was like bumping in to a malaysian Obe 1 Canobe! Later I found out from Jose he is a Silat expert/Guru from Malaysia. Then I told the story to Pak Muhammad he tells me he knows him that is his close friend.

During the day I was teaching K.A.P. at the hotel to 2 great students Tuk & James. We did 16 hours of CHI KUNG & Kundalini Meditations in the Hotel room. I had I had a great visit from Guru Maul Monrie. We tore the hotel room apart with a good session of Pencak Silat. We attacked each other and shared Buah and concepts & Philosophies. Guru Maul has a very nice system of SILAT. His grandfather's art is a very effective a no nonsense method. I think Maul is a bright light in the Silat world with a LOT OF TALENT. I know a lot of folks think he is doing "serak". Truth is he is not. His Family's system is GOOD Silat & all GOOD silat will look similar. I have learned as I research and analyze things All GOOD SILAT has very common threads. His system has things I have seen in Cimande, Sendeng, Serak, and good Kuntau. I respect Guru Maul very much. Who ever thinks he is "ripping off" or "copying so & so's silat" should just touch hands with him to find out the truth. Do not be surprised if you get an elbow in your teeth or on the top of your head that will leave you wondering how to even spell "SILAT". Guru Maul is very honest & very Humble man with a big heart. That is rare.

The next day my silat friend Wayne Meyers came to visit and to train Silat with me. He is also a VERY skilled and talented Malaysian Pukulan. I had a blast sharing with him Serak & Gerak Satria Shakti. Wayne has my full respect and support as well in the Silat World.

GUYS & GALS here is my suggestion to the SILAT Community....RESEARCH & DO YOUR HOMEWORK. What ever we claim as our "own" has roots in something else....& ALL KNOWLEDGE COMES FROM THE CREATOR especially PENCAK SILAT.

If you know what SILAT really means you will understand what I am saying here.

I will touch on this at a later date.

My next piece of the journey was eating a curry that gave me a NASTY stomach bug. Jose & I had to drive 5 hours to Wales but it ended up being almost 8 hours with this freakish FOG that made it impossible to see. Plus we had to stop at every rest stop cause of the NASTY bug in stomach. Jose was suffering from one he got in Malaysia. Mine was from an evil source in UK that fed me a curry from Hell. But I must admit it TASTED great.

When we arrived in Wales it was aproximately 4 or 5 am. Pak Muhammad & Irfan greated us. Pak stayed awake to make sure we got in safe. He then had me sit next to him to share some good Banten/Cimande/Sufi/Badui wisdom with me.

After his chat he asked me to make meditation so I meditated for a bit and found myself seeing wonderful colors (Gold), arabic writing, sacred Geometry in my 3rd eye as I meditated. Pak has a strong energy & presence he walks a good Path. I feel very grateful to finally meet a real Cimande teacher from Java, let a long a true descendant of the WALI SONGO saints and Badui.

I will continue my story soon.

Peace Happy Holidays & God Bless


Friday, December 26, 2008

The Art of "GIRI" and the way of the "Guru"

The Dobles Institute News:

Silat Tip 28: THE CONCEPT OF GURU & GIRI why they go hand in hand

Giri (Japanese) - a Japanese value roughly corresponding to "duty", "obligation", or even "burden of obligation" in English.
Giri (Sanskrit) - in an Indian context, "Giri," means "mountain" (e.g. nilgiri, ratnagiri). As a Sanskrit honorific it means "venerable, elevated, worshipful" and it is in that sense that the title is applied to Sannyasins." -
" The birth of the concept of giri occurred during the feudal period in Japan, and holds the highest regard in human relationships. A basic breakdown of the the relationships are: Master-subordinate, parent-child, husband-wife, brothers-sisters, friends, and sometimes even enemies and business associates. The most basic definition one can give giri is a debt of gratitude and a self-sacrificing pursuit of their happiness.

Everyday examples of giri can be found in social customs such as New Year's cards, gifts such as year end presents. When one does act involuntarily to a person to whom one feels giri, one must not take into account one's own suffering when alleviating or helping another out of a difficult situation." -

THE CONCEPT OF GURU & GIRI why they go hand in hand.

In Japan there is a concept that is similar to KARMA. Its called "Giri".

My Hoshin Tao Chi Kung, Hoshinjutsu & Ninpo teacher Soke Dr. Glenn J Morris always taught us that one had to have "GIRI". It was even above KARMA to a Budo warrior.

What does this have to do with Silat? Just wait I'll get to it....

Soke Morris used to say if you take once give back twice. If you are given once give back twice. Or if you have received something special, a valuable lesson, a gift, a form of energy, a chance to learn or experience something in life than you would make it your obligation to always to honor and pay back in some way at least twice those that gave you such gifts or lessons, experience or energy. How would you do that? You would always give them back either by giving them credit, giving them energy, doing something special for the person, always being there for them.

For example Hatsumi Sensei Promoted Dr. Morris to high Black Belt level in Ninjutsu, Glenn turn around and made sure Hatsumi Sensei received several honorary Doctorate degrees from respected USA Universities and always mentions and credits Hatsumi in all his published works. (THAT IS GIRI). If we gave energy work or healing or showed Glenn something he would always turn around and load us up with more info, energy, understanding. If you gave him once he would give you twice. You get it?

Usually this concept is expected of students but not of the Guru itself. WRONG........

The Guru should have a form of GIRI towards his or her students as well.

The Guru receives from the students a form of payment, an exchange of energy, a chance to teach, a chance to heal if he is of the healing types. Those are the experiences that allow the Guru to be a Guru. Its not a Piece of paper that says you are a GURU. That does not make you a Guru nor qualified to teach, heal, guide coach etc.

Now here is where the concept gets very interesting. A lot of times GURUS, SIFUS, SENSEIS, PENDEKARS, MAHAGURUS, forget that its their OBLIGATION to take care of their students and to back them up no matter what as it is the students job to do the same for their teacher. Giri is similar to ADAT HORMAT or way of conduct and respect found in PENCAK SILAT. But its a little more. IMMORTALITY of a teacher and his or her methods comes through the longevity of their students and the carriers of their wisdom. If there is no GIRI in a system it will not evolve or grow or survive. Some one has to value it and honor its roots and maintain it and give back at least twice to the systems, the teachers, the future students etc.

To be the teacher you need students, but to be the true teacher you teach your students to teach themselves and to teach others and you value their efforts and time spent training.

I have seen in the martial arts how things go sour when there is no concept of value or "giri" implemented to the system. A lot of folks promise things but few deliver. A lot of folks keep their students as indentured servants.

What happens if you negatively show no giri?....

If you forget your students once they will forget you twice.......

A lot of folks claim to be pendekars but can't even heal themselves. A pendekar is a healer/warrior/shaman. Its not a title you buy. If you think you are one i suggest you test your skills with people with real problems (tumors, HIV, serious illness, Schizophrenia etc) A real Guru is a guide and a protector. In Java a real silat master is more than just a fighter. They take the value and spiritual side very serious as well.

Martial arts with only "FIGHTING" is incomplete. The balance is needed to understand the full circle.

As Soke Glenn said to me in his garage as I received a serious ass whoopin -

"To learn to hurt you must learn to heal." He took away the damage and pain in seconds using energy work and Chi Gung.

"If you take once give back twice"


1) breath in for 4 seconds

2) exhale for 8

increase each ratio by one second till you go to your max.

If you take from the universe/Creator one breath give it back twice as you exhale!


If you received healing or energy or chi from someone give them back 2x's what you received.

Martial Giri:

if he hit you once you hit twice! Generously GIVE IT to those that BRING IT.

Giri leads to generosity. Generosity leads to Abundance. KEEP intentions positive.

What is a Guru's Giri? To teach the art to those that want to learn it with out secrets and with out holding back information in fear of loosing something, to be there for the students when no one else will, to be a protector and a healer, to evolve the arts even further than when they first experienced the art. If you as a teacher show Giri to your students. your students will always show Giri back to you even when you pass. Life is unpredictable and not as long as we all hope or wish for. But I know from experience because I have had teachers that have passed. I still show Giri to the teachers that showed me Giri and even to those that lacked Giri. And it has made me a better person and a better teacher to pass on what i know.

Try to implement GIRI in your life whether it be with your family, teachers, students, friends, elders, enemies etc. Ultimately we are all part f the same divine source so by showing Giri you are showing the highest form of value to your true nature.

Guru Santiago Dobles

Friday, December 12, 2008

Cimande UK training pt.2

So day 2 in UK. My Brother Simon takes me to their training hall, a freezing cold Boxing Gym in a community center. A Very cool place with good vibes. I met most of Pak Muhammad's students. Extremely warm and nice people with a lot of humility and good energy. In my brain I am thinking of the million questions I want to ask Pak Muhammad. But instead I let me heart ask and do the talking. I felt like I had met him before in a distant past. He is small in height. The 1st impression that came to mind is he is a "Yoda" like person. He had an energy about him that makes you immediately want to smile and just be at peace.....(A sign of a real Silat Master). So we begin our training we do the 1st 10 CIMANDE JURUS JURUS...OUCH. We had to stand on our toes in a low squat with heels touching and spines straight as we performed the Jurus. This is by no means an easy task. I was falling over or cheating by changing my feet position. It brought me back to my days of doing a lot of HATHA YOGA. I was impressed by the fact that Pak Muhammad just stays in the posture and does his jurus like nothing. Also what is impressive is that the breath is held through out the jurus training as if one was under water and swimming a long distance. It is clear that the Tenaga Dalam & Batin is trained as one is also very much integrated into training their Silat/Self Defense. This to me was very nice to see. So we did many reps of the Jurus. And then Pak Muhammad went through each one with me to show me a basic look at their Buah and understanding. As all good silat masters have told me before he said you have to interpret them and let them sink in and digest so I can allow them (Jurus) to show me how to use them better. Immediately I saw very similar applications to the motions I learned in Serak from Guru Cliff Stewart. So I found a way to start asking questions. I would show Pak Muhammad a root motion and then he would show me exactly where it is in the Cimande. I felt like a kid getting confirmation that Santa Claus exists! Many Claim SERAK is not or does not Contain CIMANDE. I beg to differ at this point in my research. So I decided to go further with Pak Muhammad to see how much he knows. I began to show Langkahs and Buah and he had an explanation for everything I showed and again where it is seen in the Cimande. He then had one of his students that was just in Banten demonstrate more combative jurus from a much longer CImande form. I was again in awe. On one hand happy that in the USA I learned a great art but on the other hand I was realizing there is still much to learn and that to understand what I already have I had to really see its roots. And Cimande was indeed the place to start for me.

So it was back to doing Jurus Jurus in a low stance on toes and with deep Breathing. Everything is done in proper posture & Breath & attitude. Tenaga Dalam is trained as you are also training your Silat. The Jurus are simple yet direct and also have like Serak MANY MANY MANY applications. There is a lot of Smash & Break, Break & Smash. There is a lot of elbow work, knife defense and also the common thread is "break" what ever is coming near you do not waste time, nor energy nor actually fight but KEEP THE PEACE. After what I felt from Pak's Iron arms & Fists I would hate to be hit by a real Cimande Exponent.

After Pak went through Buah we trained jurus and talked some more. Pak had his student Jose demonstrate Cimande jurus. Jose just got back from being in JAVA in the Cimande Village with Pak. He also trained there with a guru named Guru Mang Didi. So Pak had him demonstrate various cimande Dances, Jurus, and Langkahs. It was very nice for me to witness cause it answered many questions for me as to where things come from inside of the Silat I already studied. After he began my initiation process in to Cimande. He said " I will do you arms now & then before you leave I will do Legs & then Arms again". I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but i went with the flow.

Pak began his breathing and then started to hit my arms (the bones, Muscles, Tendons) while chanting mystical sacred names. The hitting felt like a penetrating blow capable of breaking the arm and at the same time causing a burn sensation. There was not a single area in my arms that did not get hit or "Blessed"! I wanted to scream but i just smiled and took it. There was something with in that process that made me feel as if part of a much older tradition. After I thought I could take no more Pak says "ok now the healing". He began to massage my arms and hands and fingers. As he was doing so again he was chanting mystical names. All the pain in my arms was completely gone. My arms felt brand new and actually better than before the beating! Pak then began to actually open channels in my hands & toes using his energy and touch. Its hard to describe and definitely something I think people should experience in person but he actually electrocutes you with his touch. I felt that there was more to learn from Pencak Silat than just parry punch sapu biset. After my 1st Cimande Session it was time to go to Jose's place. To be continued.....

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Our system is about going beyond "Form" and returning to a state of "formlessness" Or Natural movement and Integration. So our priority is to let the SILAT be expressed from with in and from the Divine inspiration directly (Gerak). But students need a reference point to start from. So this is why we have jurus.

Our Jurus come from 2 sources

1) Gerak

2) Analyzing Cimande, Sera(k), Kesateria Al Haqq.

The Key components in our Jurus are the root motions, the subtle movements, Gestures & Contractions (Bandhas, Mudras) of the outer body & Inner Body Muscles. The Alignment of the Body & Spine, and most of all the Breath awareness, Control & Constant meditative state aroused through constant connection & remembrance (Zikr) to the DIVINE SOURCE (The Creator) of all SILAT (Chi Kung, Tenaga Dalam, Tenaga Batin, Ilmu Kebatinan) and Mother Earth. Most Silat systems today are only concerned with the outer movements but All Jurus have an Outer Inner & Secret Application.

We teach our Jurus but we also teach our students their ROOTS.


Sera Jurus 1 - 18 (Pendekar Paul De Thouars, Guru Cliff Stewart, Guru Stevan Plinck)

Kilat Jurus 1 - 4 (Guru Cliff Stewart)

Cimande jurus 1 - 33 (Guru Haji Pak Muhammad Ariffin Mang Ipin)

Kesatria Al Haqq ( Guru Simon Das)

Hoshin Tao Chi Kung (Dr. Glenn J Morris)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

UK Cimande Silat Training Pt. 1

Simon Das my brother from another mother came to pick me up with K-force ( Nwakanma Chukwu) at the airport. It was non stop training, breathing, learning, sleeping, dreaming about pencak Silat since the day I arrived in London Nov 24. I only slept like 1 to 3 hours max a night. There was just so much to do and talk about regarding Silat.

Nov 24 - 25:

It was very humbling to see Simon do his Kuntau Malaca, & Pukulan Sendeng and his personal system Seni Silat Kesatria. I must say he is by far one of the best exponents I have ever seen in Pukulan based Silat. I was humbled by what I saw, and felt. The real blessings also came at night when Simon's mom would cook fine indian curry! I was in heaven. We do not have such good Indian food in Miami Fl. Simon and I discussed Silat & touched hands and also meditated a lot on various aspects of Pencak Silat, Ilmu Kebatinan, Chi Kung & Nei Kung & true Tantra Yoga (not the Sexual stuff folks.... that is only a small percentage of the real inner Alchemy in Tantra). Had to rely on my Tummo as well to stay warm in UK cause it was FREEZING COLD! Thank God for inner heat breathing techniques. I am thankful the stuff Dr. Glenn Morris & my Tibetan teachers have shown me actually works.

Simon is way ahead of the league. I have seen many and touched hands with some of the best people in the Martial arts world he is truly scary at what he can do.

At night on the 25th I met Guru Haji Pak Muhammad Ariffin Mang Ipin. Let me give you small background. He is from Banten (Java) Indonesia. His family and blood is from the Badui. He has been doing Cimande since childhood. He is actual descendant of the Wali Songo (Not like "pendekar" Steve Benitez).

To be Continued..........