Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Silat Training and efforts to train.

I get a lot of people that want to train silat but they do not want to pay for it. I do not charge ridiculous high fees. I am very reasonable. I even work with students to help them afford to train. my teachers have been generous I also show generosity. I have spent thousands of dollars to learn this art. I also get a lot of people that say they want to train silat with me. A lot of them tell me "I want to go but its too far for me". (Aprox 5 to 20 miles away). I have traveled across the country and all over the USA & all over the UK to learn Silat (thousands of miles). Spent a tremendous amount of money, sweat, time, and spent even sleepless nights to learn what i know. I am still preparing to travel all over the world to learn more silat. So please if you tell me that 5 to 20 miles is to far to come to class. Then you don't really want to learn Silat and you don't really want to train Silat and you really don't have the desire to really become Silat. The training is there for you but you have to make the effort to come learn silat and you have to want to train Silat with me so I can actually teach you. Now come to silat class when you are ready. If you are in Los Angeles Seek out Maha Guru Cliff Stewart. If you are in UK seek out Guru Muhammad Arifin & Guru Simon Das. They are amazing Silat teachers and know their stuff. Aside from that they do it from the heart and they do it for real. Others just want to dangle the "Silat" carrot in front of you as you waste 16 years training in a system that goes nowhere and when the student is done they can't even fight his or her way out of a wet paper bag. Or they claim they teach silat but instead they make you do countless ours of JKD instead and only a little silat on the weekend class. And in order to learn more silat from them they make you pay more than what you already pay a month to learn it. Instead of just teaching you Silat alone. Cause somehow they feel you need the "other" fillers in there to make students better at Silat. Give me a break. If a student wants to learn Silat teach them Silat! So you should go see my teachers or you can get on a plane and come see me I will teach you what you want to learn about Silat. I have also heard people say "oh he is too young he can't know enough about Silat to teach me". I have over 3,720 hours of actual teaching time alone in Silat that doesn't include my own personal training time and training under some of the best masters in the world. Some "masters" at best teach only once a week for one hour. Yet because they wear the "gear" and the Logos and the belts some how people assume they have actual teaching experience. Some of them actually have never tested or been put to a real life test with their silat. I have gotten also from folks "oh he has no experience he is too young" I have used the art to survive several real encounters during doing body guard work in South Florida. "Oh he has no real school & no Uniforms" Uniforms wont teach you how to Fight nor survive a real conflict. My "Actual" School has mats they are made out of Concrete and Solid Earth. Some of the best silat training i have done has been out doors and in all masters' hard kitchen floors. If you really want to learn silat and you really want to learn how to defend yourself and your family then you want to get off your Butt and come to my Silat Classes or seminars soon. Salams, Terima kasih dan Tuhan memberkatu Anda - Guru SD

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Subject: D.I. Silat Tip 26: NLP/ Creative Visualization "ILMU"

Subject: D.I. Silat Tip 26: NLP/ Creative Visualization "ILMU"
The Dobles Institute News:
Silat Tip 26: NLP/ Creative Visualization "ILMU"

SILAT TIP The power of intention & reframing negative thought

What you believe and affirm to yourself eventually makes changes in
your mind and ultimately in the physical realm for you.

The ancients knew this, that is why the emphasized mantra, heartfelt
intentions and cultivate mind body & spirit.

In some schools of Silat in Java & sumatra, mantras and sufi prayers
go hand in hand with their training. Some schools have a mantra or
sound or "concept" for every juru.

words can have power and meaning on a very deep level. And some even
have a resonance that can effect or change the vibes inside you.

Recently there have been tests done on water that demonstrate the
effects of what you say or words or resonance has on water in secure

The research is very interesting considering that your body is 80%

I encourage you to take a look at what folks are realizing.

Please research https://www.hado.net/watercrystals/index.php see for
yourself the effects of prayer, affirmation, intention (positive &

When you train think:

"I am getting better at my Silat".

"I am understanding more and more my Silat"

"I am happy when I train more"

"I am feeling comfortable in my body when I train Silat"

Usually saying "I AM ___________" will make your mind/body react. So
the key is to say positive after the I AM. And not things like I am
sick I am tired etc.......

Instead I am healthy, I am happy, I am POSITIVE.

Be creative. Affirmations can be very powerful.

Here is more that can help you get a better "Mind Set".

The mind sometimes needs to be "REFRAMED" or re wired to improve its

For example

Write on a piece of paper a negative:

For example:

Negative: " I tend to think I am slow in my movements when I train

Reframe with questions.

REFRAME WITH at least 10 POSITIVE QUESTIONS for every negative

1) Could it be you are beginning to understand how to properly move so
you can move faster and more efficiently?

2) Could it be your body needs to relax more so you can move more
efficiently and ultimately at a faster speed?

3) Could it be you need to replace speed with timing and positioning
to truly seem faster and to truly overcome speed?

Here is another example:

Negative: I tend to feel like I am i am not learning Silat fast enough
and my body just doesn't "get it".


1) Could it be you learn at the pace that is best for your mind and
body to absorb the information properly together?

2) Could it be you have to allow your body to feel the movements and
the positions so you can understand the art better?

3) Could it be you have to see your self move appropriately with silat
in your mind first and then do the specific movement you want to

4) Could it be you need to listen to your body to understand the pace
at which you should be learning naturally?

Here is another example in a different context:


"I tend to feel lazy about training."


"could it be you just have to make time for training?"

"could it be you just have to train a little each day till it becomes
habit and eventually 1 hour a day?"

"Could it be you need to learn to think about training as well as
physically train to get the most out of your time?"

"Could it be you need to change the way you train to feel inspired

"Could it be you need to try training in a way that will stimulate you

"Could it be you need to spend more time in the ground in low

This is a very important technique from NLP used in business, success

It works very well and can be applied to any "issue".

Write down negative you my find you have about yourself and then
reframe them with positive questions.

Why Questions? The brain likes to solve problems and to "quest" for

Try with things that relate to your training. Then work on more
personal issues and reframe them.

Have fun. The subconscious mind is VERY POWERFUL. Research NLP,
Richard Bandler, Milton Erickson.

Another creative thing to do is MENTALLY TRAIN. See scenarios and work
them out. Guru CLiff told me to train this way and that it was key in
his W.A.R. method for elite body gaurds.

Dr. Morris used to do a meditation named "DAMO's CAVE" where you set
up a mental construct to train and work out your enlightenment and

One thing he would do is have a mental dojo to work out in and to
train with any imaginary teacher you wish. It could be an animal, a
guru, sensei, sifu, master you know or do not know. Practice your
jurus or langkahs in that mental dojo.

This is EXTREMELY useful for training and also allowing the
subconscious mind teach you. Sometimes when I practice this I notice i
get better in the real world with out much effort.

Any time you visualize your self doing a physical activity, you are
strengthening the "wiring" and neurological connections to the muscles
and the nervous system/ brain.

Olympic athletes do this all the time. So why not explore your potential as well? Besides...... Training just the physical is boring.

Guru Santiago Dobles