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Monday, December 5, 2011

CGSS SILAT Slow Training for Radical Handspeed

SILAT TIP 13 - Slow Training for Radical Handspeed

Do you own a 3lbs or 5 lbs dumbell?

If so put one dumbbell in your hand while you sit and watch TV or a
movie and perform as many slow reps as possible with deep breathing of
the root motions of a Sera juru ( I like to use juru 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
7, 9, 12, 14, with one dumbbell and for training with 2 dumbbells i
like juru 11,13, 18) . If you want, work with only one root motion at a


Train slow with deep breathing.

You will be surprised how much speed and power you will get from doing
your jurus slow with deep breathing and with a weight in your lead

Once you have done a good amount of reps of a juru motion switch to
the opposite hand.

Once you have confidence in the motion and you have developed good arm
strength gradually move to a 10lbs weight. AGAIN USE CAUTION and move
SLOW! Rome was not built in a day.

Once your arms are stronger from this kind of training, begin to do
root motions on a langkah with a dumbell in your hand.

For example: Use the Square Langkah "Sliwa or Ampat" and stand at the
base of the square in Balabay (Open horse stance with shoulders at a
45degree angle). Step with your right foot first to the left top corner
of the square (L step) once you have stepped perform a juru motion
with right arm and dumbbell in hand and then biset (Backsweep) back to
the starting position and now turn and steo to with the other foot to
the other corner of square and perform same juru motion but now with
left arm with dumbbell. I usually train juru motion # 2 for this and I
will do as many as I can on each side before I go to biset.

You will be surprised how fast you develope speed and power by doing
this sort of excercise but again the key is PRECISION, SLOW MOTION

Once you are confident in these motions and with weight in hand ( I
would recommend you do not go higher than 10lbs so you do not injure
your joints) add a weighted vest to the mix to help your overall body
strength increase.

Next time you go to do pukulan and a biset on a partner or an opponent
you will be surprised how effective and powerful you become.

Another option is to step of to a 45 degree angle (langkah muring) and
perform a juru motion with weight in hand per each step you make.

For a more intense workout that requires a lot of stamina, balance,
focus and breath, perform a sapu with dumbell in lead hand and once in
the sapu position, hold the leg up in the air like a "Shiva" statue
and perform as many SLOW juru motions as possible untill you simply
can not hold the leg in air. Once you finish one side go right to the
next leg and repeat excercise. For example do the sapu and then do as
many juru 2 entry motions (thousand bridges) as you can slowly with
leg in the air. With or with out a dumbbell in hand this excercise is

I have been told by some I have fast hands. I will let you in on a
little secret.....I NEVER TRAIN FAST! You want speed train EXTREMELY
SLOW and focused with proper breathing. My teacher Guru Cliff Stewart
has some of the fiercest and fastest Pukulan hands I ever felt and
seen. I know he also trains SLOW. Any time I have seen great masters
train the all seem to have one thing in common.....THEY ALL TRAIN

It makes sense to me to work out exactly how I would defend myself or
protect someone. Its seems like you would want to strengthen the
muscles you actually use in a fight as opposed to the ones that might
slow you down.

Train smart use your common sense and breathe deep.

For more effectiveness in this sort of training stick your tongue
against the roof of your mouth and make sure your spine is
straight....I will go into more details about that on another date.

Guru Santiago Dobles

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