Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Adat Hormat (Respect & Care) towards your training Partners.

When there is no respect or care (Adat Hormat) for your training partners, training hall, Coach/Instructor, there is no chance to learn real Silat/Kuntao.
A training partner is priceless so take care of them. You can all turn up the heat occasionally but remember the 1st rule of training: SAFETY FIRST!
Self control is part of training and also part of growing in the Art. learning to fight is only one part of the art. There are actually more components:
Learning to Fight
Learning to Survive
Learning to Heal yourself and others.
Learning to preserve life
Learning to cultivate life
You will burn out quick of if you hurt your training partners and have no self control. Eventually it catches up with you. Also if you are training at 100% all the time your own central nervous system will burn out. There is a time and place to go fast, explosive, and a time and place to go slow and controlled. If there is no Yin and Yang in your training there is no real Kuntao.

See you soon in Silat Kuntao Class.

Guru Santiago Dobles