Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The First Annual Dobles Institute Summer BootCamp will be June 25-29.

The First Annual Dobles Institute Summer BootCamp will be June 25-29.

Langkahs, Jurus, Sambuts, Training Drills, Multiple attackers work, Silek Tuo Ground fighting, Concepts from Sera, Cimande, Weaponry, Kembangan, Conditioning, Tenaga Dalam, Basic Energy Healing Skills. 5 Days of SILAT!
There may be some guests instructors aswell (more info to come soon).
Anyone in the facebook Group will receive a discount.


Guru Santiago Dobles


Sunday, May 4, 2008

More Kundalini Info from Dr. Morris

The 10 Biological Characteristics of true kundalini survivors (not the half-baked), Number 8: trength: ,

by Dr. Glenn J. Morris, PhD, ScD

8. There is surprising strength regardless of size, which usually takes a while to master. One has a tendency to break things until one learns to lighten up. I went through a period of breaking keys off in locks, ripped the handle off a car door one icy morning, and sent many of my students screaming to the floor until I learned to slow down and back off. Some of the ninjas I play with call me Dr. Death. Even affectionate squeezes and hugs are not appreciated, and love-making can be filled with minor perils if the object of your affection does not share your rare affliction or athleticism. One of my shodan, Bret Talbot, ran up a considerable lab bill in broken beakers while working on chemistry projects. He claims he was only holding them gently in his hands when they imploded. He still thinks he is gentle when he is dangerous as a bear. You have to be careful with this strange strength. The feeling is invincibility, but the reality still won't stop bullets.

(Excerpted from Path Notes, below...) Continued Tomorrow with calm, and subtle knowing -- from many inputs

Books by Dr. Morris:

Path Notes of an American Ninja Master
Shadow Strategies of an American Ninja Master
Martial Arts Madness
Quantum Crawfish Bisque for the Clueless Soul: How Choice Works ToCreate Success or Despair (E-book) (link fixed!)