Sunday, June 22, 2008


This video is dedicated to my Silat Gurus, My ILMU BATIN Gurus & Dr. Glenn J Morris.
There is more to Silat than just the physical.

Hope you enjoy.

My Student Kadir Gonzales.


Guru Santiago Dobles

Monday, June 9, 2008

Dobles Institute 1st Annual Summer BOOT CAMP "Hurt'em & Heal'em" Warrior retreat

JUNE 25 26 27 28 29

5 days of Intense training & Study
Internal Martial Arts/ Pencak Silat (Kilat, Sera, Cimande, Harimau, Silek Tuo), weaponry (stick, knives, staff,)
Indonesian Stand up fighting, Sumatran ground fighting, dealing with multiple attackers, weaponry, Jurus, langkah, sambuts, energy drills.
Pusaka Reiki Ki Tenaga Dalam, Hoshin Tao Chi Kung, Energy Yoga, Energy Sensitivity drills, energy Healing & Meditation.

We will have possible guest instructors & there may be a "FIRE WALK" depending on the weather. So you'll get to put to the test your energy work.

Very few people are willing to share this knowledge of the Silat & the internal especially at such a low rate. But we do it all from the heart. Training is what's most important to us.

Due to gas prices and the state of the US economy we are willing to bring you the opportunity to train at a lower rate.

For us the training is more important than the money.

Here are the new rate:

$300 for all 5 days

$200 for 3 days

$140 for 2 days

$75 for 1 day rate

Direct Local Students of Guru pay only $50 a day to train each day.

If you want to train but can not afford it please contact Guru to set up a payment plan of installments via

You can contact Guru:

Peace & God Bless

Hope to see you all and break some serious sweats & have great time sharing very positive energies.

Guru Santiago Dobles