Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Received from one of my Silat Brothers, Guru Eddie Quin his "THE APPROACH" Silat DVDS and intro to Silat Fitrah. Well what can I say? Simple Awesome. Eddie comes from a strong line of Silat going back to Guru Tua Chris Parker & Bapak HJ Idris B Alimuda from Malaysia.


Guru Eddie does a great job of teaching you the stripped down "TRUTH" in movements needed in real combat & Pencak Silat. What will really work in real CONFLICT is actually very simple things that one must master. Guru Eddie shows you exactly what is needed. The "APPROACH" is the keys behind most SILAT at its essence. Its beyond technique but its clear that Guru Eddie has real technical, skill and proficiency.

Please do yourself a favor and get Guru Eddie's DVDS.


Guru Santiago Dobles

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