Wednesday, October 21, 2009

REIKI techniques "Gyoshi Ho"

A Method of Healing using the Eyes
Copyright © 2006 James Deacon

In Reiki practice, one will often come across situations where, for various reasons, one cannot utilise the basic form of 'hands-on' treatment.

In some cases, such as where the client is suffering from burns, or an open wound of some sort, the need for hands-on contact can be circumvented by giving treatment with the hands held a few inches off the surface of the body (in the aura).

However, there will be situations where even the close proximity of the hands (even though not touching the client), can have potentially traumatic effects [various forms of abuse come to mind].

Especially in such cases, Gyoshi Ho can be used effectively.

Gyoshi Ho:

Become aware of the flow and radiance of the Reiki phenomenon within and around your own body.

Know that, while generally Reiki seems to flow most strongly from, and can be directed by, the hands, it also flows from, and can be directed with, the eyes - with the gaze.

Bring your visual attention to the area in need of treatment; then allow your vision to relax, to de-focus slightly.

You are not staring at the area, rather your gaze is soft and comfortable - soft and comforting.

Generate heart-felt compassion for your client.

In this state, become aware of Reiki flowing from your eyes to the area in need of treatment.

Feel the Reiki flow; see it in your mind's eye, at the same time feel compassion flowing from your heart.

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Rob LightBearer said...

well put, many forget that with any form of Reiki Intention is the key. As intention is set within the sixth chakra's domain their is truly no need for hands on contact (though hands on has many values)