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The Dobles Institute Newsletter: Silat Tips, Vol 1 of 34

The Dobles Institute Newsletter:
Silat Tips, Vol 1 of 34
Five Understandings, Spinal Suspension, Knuckle Draggers

Silat Tip #1:
Always look for at least 5 things you can do from any sambut position,
langkah, lock, shoulder position, ground position. My Teacher Guru
Cliff Stewart always tells me that its important to have at least 5
different understandings to each piece in your silat.

For example the 5 various usages of Langkah:
1) To understand mechanics & Strategy of take downs (Sapus, Biset,
Kenjit, Puter Kapala, Angkat, Gapet, Lempar Lengan, Tarik Kapala, etc)
2) Empty hand and weapon based target selection of DIM MAK, MARMA ADI
(pressure points.)
3) Kicks & Strikes
4) Evasion, Offensive & Defensive measures
5) Kunci (Locks), and Transfer of energy, Dissolving of energy.

Internal Tip:

Remember to always suspend the spine (Allow space between the
vertebrae from top to bottom & Bottom to Top, and fill the spaces,
vertebrae and the spine with energy) in all of your silat motions
whether you are standing, kneeling, lying on the ground.

This allows you to harness energy better and also use more spinal
power as well as maintaining more strength in your center of being.
Spinal Suspension is a secret technique from ancient Taoist Yogis.

It is common in many internal martial arts. You will find that once
you understand it it becomes difficult for your opponents to take you
down, move you, cause you pain. Also it has many many benefits to your
health. If your spine is healthy, so is your body & Brain.

Try it not only in Martial arts training but in walking and
meditation. You will be greatly surprised what it does for your over
all Chi.

Qi Gong Tip:

Dr. Morris would always tell us when doing Walking Qi Gong to become a
"Knuckle Dragger"....
Go out for 5 to 10 minute walks with a very slow pace and allow the
spine to move freely and the weight to shift side to side. Imagine
your arms and body heavy like a silver back gorrilla as you walk and
allow (in your mind) the knuckles to literally drag on the earth as
you walk. This will help loosen up chi flow in the body and also heal
the back of any injury and or discomfort.

When walking, breath a nice pace, for example: in 4 hold 1 out 4 hold
1, or more advanced in 4 out 8, and keep increasing the ins and outs
so you get to in 10 out 20. But do not force the breath retention keep
it smooth and flowing as you walk.

If you would like and you are familiar with Qi Gong Movements add some
circulation movements and or some juru motions done very very slowly
and loosly almost like a Flower Dance.

A lot of the old Taoist internal martial arts masters would actually
do their training as they would take long walks.

When you finish your walk rub the palms till they are scorching hot
and gently run the Dan tien in Circles first clockwise then Counter
Clockwise for at least 21x each direction.

This will help you store your newly accumulated Chi and also will help
your body digest the chi and release blockages with out discomfort or

The more you walk and understand how to move your body as one unit the
better your health and martial arts become.

Guru Santiago Dobles

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