Sunday, May 8, 2011

"flavor of the month" SILAT

I learned a very good thing from Bukajalan Silat Guru Cass Magda a few years back. The concept of "flavor of the month". Take ONE thing and train that one thing every day for 30 days. Even if its one movement, or one posture (Kuda), or one Juru (Form), or one Langkah (Foot work), or a strategy or concept. Basically take ONE thing and become it for 30 days. and then every 30 days have a "new" one thing. Before you know it you will be very well "versed" in that particular "subject" in this case SILAT. Every time you walk to your kitchen you practice that ONE thing, every time you wait for your food to be ready you practice that ONE thing. Every time you are watching tv or going out for a walk you practice that ONE thing. If its something that is too complex to do while walking you then think about it. If it is a KUDA that is too hard for you to do at the present moment but you want to get better at your kudas then you simple view yourself in the kuda. You imagine yourself in the Kuda performing the Kuda perfectly as if you where a master of it already. You see your self perfecting your kudas and you Silat. If you visualize yourself doing your SILAT you will get better at Silat quickly. So even when you are lying in bed waiting to fall asleep you see yourself practicing your silat, jurus, langkahs, Sambuts, or kudas. Also make tea. As you are boiling the water and letting the herbs steep that gives you plenty of time to practice the "FLAVOR OF THE MONTH". So I invite you to take ONE thing and do it for 30 days. After a few years of this you will be surprised how good you get. Also remember train SLOW and you want to be aware of your whole body , breath and mechanics as you train.

Peace & God Bless

Guru Santiago Dobles

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I am learning so much from these posts. Thanks!!