Friday, January 1, 2010

Training For Silat

I posted this on "SILAT.TV" in a forum about training for "Impact".

But i think I will post here : )

A few things to add to your SILAT TRAINING.

Gelek should be trained daily (slowy Twisting/Corking/Spiraling)


1) Alone with just Breathing and try to get the body to work 360 degrees.

2) Constantly getting lower towards the Earth yet have & maintain a suspended Spine.

3) then later practice as you hold a kettle bell 26 lb or more or with a weighted vest on.

4) then practice Gelek with Random Silat Hand motions Elbows Punches etc.

5) Practice the same thing immersed in Water up to your Throat.

When doing GELEK MOVE SLOW Pivot from Ground up slowly "twisting".

Also simple always looking to get "LOWER" cause you can always use more LEG power : ).

Just standing in a low Kuda & getting through all Serak Jurus will get ones legs burning easily. Walk the Langkahs LOW & SLOW.

Another Aspect I like train often is to simple slip a 10lb kettle bell on one foot and lift that leg up maintain it up with knee slightly bent and the support leg slightly bent so I find a "root" on that one leg as i work Jurus with my hands up top or punch or do jurus with 5 to 10lb weights SLOW.

I maintain the leg up in air till its no longer possible and then open hip and keep going some more so you work the leg being held at different angles in terms of the hip open as the knee is slightly bent. ( A LITE WEIGHT SHOULD BE USED NOTHING CRAZY HEAVY).

And then I do the other leg.

Its a REAL task to get through all the cimande or Serak Jurus up top as you hold one leg up with our with out a weight.

What ends up happening is your body gets used to finding ways to root and balance and build power.

The other way that builds awesome power and strength is to SLOWLY sapu & Sabet & Biset a 53lb kettle bell with socks on a slippery floor slowly. Its like "SLOW SOCCER" : )

Lastly Work out with Trees :). Strike them slowly build up the intensity as you breath. Work fore arms, palms, punches, elbows, low kicks. Then also work Isometrics on Tree using Silat Motions.


All of the above should be done with Tenaga Dalam Breath.

If you don't know what what I am talking about just come to one of my Silat Classes I will gladly Share with you.

Peace Happy New Year & God Bless.

Santiago Dobles

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