Friday, April 15, 2016

2016 Current state of affairs regarding Serak/ Bukti Negara in Florida , Miami , and abroad.

Don't be fooled folks!

It's easy to impress those that do not know with a little skill it's hard to commit to attaining real skill, hard training, and impress those that have actual skill. I commend my students that stick to their training despite their every day lives, work, family etc. Silat/Kuntao is never achieved over night nor through online certifications from ponzi scheme "gurus". It's a way of life and science. And one needs a real teacher and transmission from a true elder that has full awareness of the ART. Some have come and gone simply because they wanted the easy way out, the easy immediate "Guru" Certificate. There are some that claim in Florida ( and else where) The de Thouars family art yet never trained with the family, nor its family elders, nor honor or respect the family's wishes, changed the art to fill in holes and gaps cause they never had the complete picture. So in attempts to reverse engineer it they add un needed components from other arts (Karate, Kenpo, etc) . Nothing wrong with those arts. But claiming what you do is Serak, or Bukti Negra or anything related to the de Thouars yet you look like bad karate then you do not represent the deThouars family and their Art. The current state of affairs on YouTube with fancy videos are in reality not teaching or showing the real family art. There are gems that are not public. What ever you train, train hard and be consistent. Seek out those that know if you want to know. Peace and Hormat. - Guru Santiago Dobles

 (Bapak Willem de Thouars teaching  Power Generation for Striking with "Tongkat" -Stick)

Miami's only traditional Pentjak Silat Kuntao School

de Thouars Makao Kuntao Serak &  de Bordes Harimau Minangkabau  

Class Schedule: 

Tuesday Nights & Thursday nights 7:30pm

Saturday & Sunday 7:30am

Classes are $20 & are 2 hours long. Bring your own water to drink you will need to hydrate. 

Please call  for further information 7867520052

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