Tuesday, June 14, 2011

There is always something deeper in SILAT

There are many people claim they teach Silat and show Silat but it looks and feels like everything BUT SILAT. Instead looks like people putting pieces together from a little JKD, a little FMA, a little Bjj, a little Kuntau with maybe 1 or 2 silat takedowns they learned on you tube by another fast food silat teacher. Sorry this is not Silat. Its just a "little" silat. However I will say this to quote my teacher & his Pendekar.... "A little silat goes a long way!" . There is nothing wrong with other styles and cross training and adding " a little silat" but if you really want to study silat deeply, you will want to train with a qualified instructor that really can apply and show you Pencak Silat. Like myself, I dug deep to find people that really knew the martial science with in the Art of Pencak Silat. If I want to study guitar I would go to the guitar teacher and player that can not only play in his bedroom but has been on stage to play aswell. I would not go to a "drummer" to learn how to play guitar. So the same principle applies here. If you wanted to learn silat you go to someone that has spent quality time training Silat. Not someone that has dabbled in a little of this and a little of that. A lot of guys that are more commercial with their schools sell you a big program and tell you well you need to learn this (JKD, MUAY THAI, KALI/FMA/ESCRIMA, WING CHUN,MMA etc) before you learn silat. But this is simply not true. If you want to learn how to play guitar you do not have to learn how to play drums 1st you just go to the qualified guitar instructor. Silat is the same way. Its like going to a restaurant and ordering a great pizza but instead you get some lomain noodles with some pizza chunks in there.


Guru Santiago Dobles

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