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Subject: D.I. Silat Tip 10: The Truth about Silat, the Badui, and Tenaga Dalam Silat Tip 10: The Real Story

Subject: D.I. Silat Tip 10: The Truth about Silat, the Badui, and Tenaga Dalam
Silat Tip 10: The Real Story

I went out to dinner last night and found myself in a restaurant that
had 2 people from Indonesia.

Just my luck!!!! One was from Banten, the other was from Jakarta.

Both know people from the Badui and both studied Silat and Ilmu in
Indonesia. I was thrilled! My wife ordered another round of drinks
and soon our dinner became long affair discussing Silat.

After many long hours of sharing about Silat & Tenaga Dalam the real
secret behind SILAT came out into the conversation.

My friend from Banten said his master always says, Silat is not about
fighting its about Self Control, Patience, above all, always Smiling
and Faith. If you believe in what you do fully with your heart you can
do it.

He said people here in the "Amerika" spend more time watching movies
about Spider man and Super man, he says come to my country and I will
show you the real spider man and super men.

He said that there are some things you just have to see for
yourself about Indonesia; that it is really something like x-men what
some of these masters can do.

They said the real masters do not fight they simply act and make
changes in the world instantaneously by positive thinking. They said
the art is from the ancients it was a way of living in peace with good

Silat to them is about playing and cultivating their mind body &
spirit. He says if you want to get good get up at 4 am and do Silat or
breathing exercises till the sun is fully risen.

Also I heard stories of some of the masters that could actually make a
person holding a gun sick or confused so he or she would shoot wrong.

Also heard stories of masters that could display such feats as walking
on water, eating glass, electrocuting people with their bare hands and
energy alone.

Also heard stories of those that walked the path of light or what they
call "White Magic" and those that are of the "BlackMagic".

People who could conjure things to help them in life and in battle.

They said Silat without the internal or the spiritual is not silat at
all; it is just movements.

There were tales of masters that could make their palms so hot they
can iron peoples clothes with their bare palm.

Could you Imagine getting slapped by this palm?

One guy said he saw people that could magnetize themselves to such
adegree that they could open locks and doors using just their
intentand palms.

I showed them some of our Serak jurus they said it looked more like old
style from Betawi or old Jakarta and a tough style from Banten.

They said that Cimande was a strong Kicking art.

But they said the best silat guys use their mind & heart to
win battles.

And their goal is to serve all and protect all.

They said the inner Badui DO NOT HAVE SILAT AND DO NOT DO SILAT.

The ones that live in the outskirts of the badui some of them do know
silat but only a few and they learned it from other places.

The real Badui people are just spiritual people that place all their
belief into Kejawan, "Gusti" God or the Creator and the Cosmos.

They are simple people who spend their time cultivating their hearts
and spirit; they have no concern what so ever for fighting.

I showed them the lankgkahs we use they were all familiar with them. I
showed them some of my qi gong training and Ilmu & Tenaga Dalam they
both confirmed it is like is down in their country.

So the tip is....the truth is out there: no one "OWNS" Silat and all
you need is in your own back yard. A good heart a good mind and a good
body go a long way.

Train every aspect of your training its not just about the physical.

Train your heart, your body, your spirit and your mind and above all

They also said that the real Silat is intuitive and allowing your self
to "move" as you would naturally move. I have always believed that and
its good to see some confirmation.

Peace & Happy Belated Thanks Giving.
Love, Guru Santiago Dobles

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Unknown said...

I am a student of silat. We must remember that silat is not for fighting. You train to kill but you do not kill. In silat you are not allowed to punch or kick your opponent except in training. Silat teaches you patience. Such is the emphasis of patience in silat. Peace and love for all.