Tuesday, March 23, 2010



Bullshido, Bujinkan Shidoshi Felix Diaz, "littleoldme", Chi Kung Master David Lee Andreasen, Everyone who has posted anything about me, I personally thank you for everyone's kind words. I wish everyone here more health and long life. May everyone here have more success in their endeavors and training in what ever path they choose to follow. "littleoldme" carry on fighting the good fights in life. More power to you. May you help many from being hurt in this lifetime.

I have nothing to prove to anyone. I have no powers I have no abilities I have nothing and I am not interested in having any power or ability. I have no fighting skills, I only look to learn how to survive and have peace around me. I do not heal, only God can heal and knows all things seen & unseen. I am only interested in being close to my Divine Creator and helping my fellow brothers & sisters on this planet to become better, more peaceful & healthier people. You want to know about "energy" & Chi Kung , or Silat as an effective martial art simple go train and learn and practice daily. Seek out those who "know". The only real truth in life is the one brought on by experience & practice. Repetition is the mother of all skill. I am not interested in this thread or wasting time and energy on things other than taking care of my family, my friends, my students and my personal training & evolution in the art of Pencak Silat, Chi Kung & Healing. Thank you for everything and may you all find truth & Peace in your life.

Peace & God Bless

Santiago Dobles

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