Saturday, October 9, 2010

PARENTS PLEASE you want to READ this and learn about the horrible "CHOKING GAME"

R.I.P Izaac d'Aquin Auguste Dobles

R.I.P Izaac d'Aquin Auguste Dobles 1996-2010
I am sad to say that saturday Oct 2 2010 at 3:30pm, We lost our beautiful 14 year old son Izaac d'Aquin to a horrible tragic event on Saturday. A horrible "game" that kids play to get a quick "high". My son was a straight "A" student, a great Silat martial artist and a great soccer player. He was a beautiful kid that loved everyone and was always there to be a great friend for everyone. He had his whole life ahead of him. I can not even begin to express to you the pain his mom and I and the rest of his family feels. But I must write this for you all. I want to educate you all about the "choking game" kids play and experiment with to get a 15 sec "high". You need to become very aware about this very horrible thing that is attacking our youth today. You will soon realize It is worse than drugs, Highly addictive, easy to do, and "legal", which is why this is so dangerous and which is why kids are attracted to it. Kids even talk about it right infront of their parents and their parents even know what they are talking about. It is known by many names: SPACE MONKEY, SPACE COWBOY, SUFFOCATION ROULETTE, HANGING GAME. It is also known as the "GOOD KID HIGH" cause again there is no drug involved and its "legal". Yet kids do not realize how deadly this is. Even if a kid survives they would end up with dead brain cells & also posible brain damage. It targets over achieving kids who want to expermint with a "high" but with out the fear of getting caught doing "drugs". Kids are doing it in groups, they are also pushing eachother to do it alone and use ropes, scarves, belts, guitar straps. You must be fully aware of all the ways they play the "choking game". We taught our kids to say no to drugs and to be good kids. We had no idea about the "GOOD KID HIGH". We had no idea about any of this stuff till unfortunately after he passed. We where always trying to stay on top of all our children so they can grow healthy and live good lives. We must educate our loved ones, friends and children. PLease pass these links around to your friends who are parents. We must do our best to let everyone know so kids today become educated as soon as possible. Parents you want to talk to your kids now about this and educate them. I know its tough but please you need to educate yourselves about this horrible game claiming our youth and you must teach your kids about the "Choking Game" so that we can all save lives as of today.
Thank you for taking the time to read about this. Peace and God Bless you & your loved ones.

Santiago Dobles & The Dobles - d'Aquin family

You will want to read all the information below and also visit the website below so you get as much knowlegde as you can on this horrible game so you can educate your kids now about the choking game.

PLease read these links:

What happens:
When the brain is deprived of oxygen and/or blood, cells immediately start to die. Plus, any of the following could happen the first or any time:
Bruises/concussions (from falling after passing out)
Short term memory loss
Brain Damage
Retinal hemorrhaging
Cardiac arrest
Brain Death
(permanent vegetative state)

Although there are not firm numbers, many researchers say a high percentage of suicides by suffocation (especially among kids/teens/young adults) are actually victims of the Choking Game.

Who's Playing?
Parents and teachers may think the youngsters in their lives would never get involved in such a dangerous activity. But, remember, a majority of kids see the Choking Game as risky – not deadly. Who plays the game?
Primarily kids in from 9-15 years old, in middle school, will be the players. But that is by no means exclusionary. Kids as young as 6 or 7 have been injured playing, and so have young adults up through their late 20s.

Warning signs:
Bruising or red marks around the neck (
sometimes hidden by means of a turtleneck, a scarf or a permanently turned-up collar)
Ligatures (bed sheets, belts, tee-shirts, ties, ropes) tied in knots (
questions about such objects are often eluded)
Wear marks on furniture (bunk beds, closet rods) from previous incidences
Disorientation after being alone
Unusual need for privacy (locked bedroom doors)
Bloodshot eyes, pinpoint bruising around the eyes
Changes in attitude (aggressive behavior)
Headaches, sometimes excruciatingly bad ones
thud in the bedroom or against a wall – meaning a fall in cases of kids playing the game alone.

It is e
ssential to talk to children about the dangers of choking themselves or others - keep in mind they feel it's 'just passing out' because it's not doing drugs or illegal behavior. Tell them that EVERY time they play this kind of game they are risking death -either brain cells or themselves.

If you know your child is actively participating:
• Increase supervision- be aware of your child’s activities and whereabouts
• Remove any paraphernalia that could be used as a ligature.
• Alert school personnel (the Prairie View Prevention Services prevention counselor at your child’s school, the principal, nurse, school counselor, school police, teachers, etc.) If one student is involved, there probably are others involved.
• Alert the parents of your children’s friends.
• Consult with a physician to explore and address any health needs that have
resulted due to participation in this activity.
•If an older teen is involved, younger children in the same family may be at risk
for participating in this activity.

The Choking Game is also known as Blackout, Fainting Game, Space Monkey, Dream Game, Suffocation Roulette, Pass-out Game, Flat Liner, California Choke, Space Cowboy, Airplaning, Purple Dragon and many more nicknames.


Anne Hilary said...

My condolences to you and your family in your pain of loss; and I applaud you for blogging on this deadly game so soon after your dear son died.
The campaign against 'the game' is slowly but surely gaining ground; I began my mission after my son, Mike, died almost 17 years ago. But progress is still too slow to save lives. Perhaps with your input and that of other parents who have been dropped into the hole that opens up when a child dies -- and so senselessly -- our goal can be met. In any event, we need to keep on talking about the game, just as you are doing.

ken tork said...

Hello Sir I want to tell you how sorry I am that you have joined our ranks. We too lost our son kevin tork back in mar of 09 and I too am a self defense instructor. As I was reading your words I was struck again by how similar ALL the stories are. We too have been speaking out but it seems that even though awareness is slowly happening we cannot reach enough yet to make it stop and I feel your pain sir in every way. like you we didnt even know it existed until it invaded our home. I am the outreach coordinator for a program called ED4ED if you need to talk or you need information and materials please let me know and we will do everything in our power to help you. until then please stay strong and you will survive this! after all you too are a warrior.
Ken & Kathy Tork

Unknown said...

My heart goes out to your family! This type of tragedy continues to happens all too often and must be STOPPED...

We too recently lost our son to TCG on June 25, 2010, he was 17 years. Also a martial artist, poet, dancer and musician.

Taking the time to create this blog may have some another life! Please reach out of us for a shoulder, an ear or help in any way... Ken is a great source of information, education and support.

My prayers are with your family during this mosts difficult time!
Becky Snead
Trey's Mom

Unknown said...

I share your sorrow.Accept my support.
Biplab Chakraborty-India.