Friday, January 29, 2010





3Days of Intensive Training

Traditional Training
Jurus (Hand Forms)
Langkahs (Foot Work/Platforms)
Knife Fighting
Ground Fighting
Flexible weapons
Internal Training Tenaga Dalam
Traditional Javanese Healing & Restorative methods
Guest Instructors - Shidoshi/Guru Mike Gaudio, Other Instructors TBA

$150 (early Bird Registration)

$180 after April 1st

location : TBA miami Fl

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


with Susan Carlson & Santiago Dobles

JAN 21 11pm Miami Time. 100% of donations will go to help the people

The event is open to the Public & it is donation based.

For more information on these Global Shaktipats, look here:

To make a donation please go to and use the
“Donate” link at the bottom of the page.

To join skype public CHAT:
Or message silatyogi on skype 5 minutes before the chat starts.

Worldwide Time Converter:

We suggest you get older version of skype that allows you to be
included in public chats. Any Skype previous to version 4 will work:

The latest live KAP internet classes are also up on our online

SPANISH ONLY WORKSHOP in MIAMI: A rare KAP workshop in Miami presented
en EspaƱol-only for Spanish speakers only, Feb 6 and 7:

Thank you for your time, your attention, your work on behalf of Haiti,
and your practice!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Hi guys,

Hopefully you have all organised your travel plans and accomodation, and are primed and ready to go. I for one am excited, and look forward to meeting you all in person! A couple of things to confirm, so you will be able to find the location without any trouble :)


First off, I am enclosing a map of the location (see attachment), and where to find the room when you enter the campus. I have highlighted the entrance from Gower Street, and in turn the actual room. The nearest tube stop is Euston Square, so if you get off there it’s a 2 minute walk.

The location in a grander London scale can be found below via Google Maps:

(The original link that I sent on pointed to another building, above is the correct one :))

We are going to start at 1900 on the Friday, but should be around a little earlier to set things up. The room is in use until 1830 so there maybe a slight delay, but there's plenty to see on campus so we won't be short of things to do. If you do get lost, just ring me on my mobile: +447808822909.

I'd suggest, if possible, printing out the two maps just in case. Just to reiterate, below is a link to the London Tube maps:

And the original link I sent you with the guide how to get from the airports to the city:

Plus for Kings Cross:

These are big transport hubs so you'll have no problem finding them from the airport. I'd suggest buying an oyster card at the station, which is a pay as you go card for all transport within London, it can be easily topped up at all stations and usually works out the cheapest method of transport.


Now, at the moment its snowing in London, and its quite unpredictable. So I'd suggest at the minimum bring some warm clothes and maybe an umbrella. This gives you an idea how unpredictable it is:

Shops etc…

Theres a large Supermarket 10 mins walk down the road which will be open weekends, but there are no canteen facilities open on site at the weekend. There are a few restaurants in the area so we'll have no problem finding a place for a lunch. I'd suggest buying a big bottle of water on the way to the event, as its all too easy to forget.

What to bring

In summary:

* Wear loose clothing such as a t-shirt and tracksuit pants
* Large bottle of water (very important)
* Pen and Paper
* Zafu (meditation cushion or similar - optional)
* Yoga mat (optional)
* Blanket (it maybe cold!)

A full description can be found below:

If you get stuck, give me a buzz and I'll help out where I can. Hope you all have a safe trip and I'll catch you soon. I apologise if I haven't replied to some of you individually, if I missed anything just let me know.

Emmet (UK Organizer

Friday, January 8, 2010

cool link

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Silat training 2

More Ideas for training i posted on Forum

A good idea too are the cheap pilates small spheres that are 5 - 8lbs. Those held in palms as you go through juru motions are also a +. Sometimes the kettelbell handles get in the way of the "sphere" so better to get small weighted sphere of some sorts.

Also I have found that when training for power in a hit or strike or transfer of energy we have to consider a few things.

1) Training Horizontal Power

2) Training Vertical Power

3) Training Breath work (Chi Kung/Tenaga Dalam) & Relaxation/Yoga.

4) Always getting "lower" yet at the same time reaching "higher". HEAVEN & EARTH/AS ABOVE SO BELOW.

I can't comment on other styles but in Jurus in Serak & Cimande there are plenty of moments where vertical or horizontal power is expressed. So it would make sense for one to repeat those motions as much as possible slow with proper breathing & Relaxation. And then also immersed in water, and then also with added resistance (weighted vest/dumb bell/kettle bell etc).

Horizontal Power is for sure trained with Gelek/Twisting/Spiraling. Also one can work on lowering center of gravity as you GELEK to gain more strength & Power.

Vertical Power is trained with Up & Down Squatting or Jumping motions along with Proper Spinal Suspension.

Well truth be told Spinal Suspension is major key in all expressions of true power.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes, Peace & God Bless

Guru Santiago Dobles

Friday, January 1, 2010

Training For Silat

I posted this on "SILAT.TV" in a forum about training for "Impact".

But i think I will post here : )

A few things to add to your SILAT TRAINING.

Gelek should be trained daily (slowy Twisting/Corking/Spiraling)


1) Alone with just Breathing and try to get the body to work 360 degrees.

2) Constantly getting lower towards the Earth yet have & maintain a suspended Spine.

3) then later practice as you hold a kettle bell 26 lb or more or with a weighted vest on.

4) then practice Gelek with Random Silat Hand motions Elbows Punches etc.

5) Practice the same thing immersed in Water up to your Throat.

When doing GELEK MOVE SLOW Pivot from Ground up slowly "twisting".

Also simple always looking to get "LOWER" cause you can always use more LEG power : ).

Just standing in a low Kuda & getting through all Serak Jurus will get ones legs burning easily. Walk the Langkahs LOW & SLOW.

Another Aspect I like train often is to simple slip a 10lb kettle bell on one foot and lift that leg up maintain it up with knee slightly bent and the support leg slightly bent so I find a "root" on that one leg as i work Jurus with my hands up top or punch or do jurus with 5 to 10lb weights SLOW.

I maintain the leg up in air till its no longer possible and then open hip and keep going some more so you work the leg being held at different angles in terms of the hip open as the knee is slightly bent. ( A LITE WEIGHT SHOULD BE USED NOTHING CRAZY HEAVY).

And then I do the other leg.

Its a REAL task to get through all the cimande or Serak Jurus up top as you hold one leg up with our with out a weight.

What ends up happening is your body gets used to finding ways to root and balance and build power.

The other way that builds awesome power and strength is to SLOWLY sapu & Sabet & Biset a 53lb kettle bell with socks on a slippery floor slowly. Its like "SLOW SOCCER" : )

Lastly Work out with Trees :). Strike them slowly build up the intensity as you breath. Work fore arms, palms, punches, elbows, low kicks. Then also work Isometrics on Tree using Silat Motions.


All of the above should be done with Tenaga Dalam Breath.

If you don't know what what I am talking about just come to one of my Silat Classes I will gladly Share with you.

Peace Happy New Year & God Bless.

Santiago Dobles